Animal Machine – Thrashing Drive Vegetation

Artist: Animal Machine
title: Thrashing Drive Vegetation
keywords: experimental ambient drone noise Augsburg
label: Attenuation Circuit

Animal Machine urinates all over you through headphones or speakers. It’s not your regular flow of one minute warm liquid body extract but excessive stream of hissy noise that fills you up like it had never had seen a Renoir before. The steam of Animal Machine goes on and on, breaking the bones in your head and spreading acidic waste between the brain in the mean meantime. It’s not nice, but you can’t blame Animal Machine for shoving it all inside you as that’s the law of nature; some animals are the ones to receive and some other stronger ones are there to give. It’s a give and take situation as I’m sure after such a heavy aggressive noise leak the bladder of Animal Machine must be so clean that it must come with a huge sense of relief. If you find it to smell in an odd way, it might be that it’s wee from the good year of 2009.

But in the years after the recorded leakage Animal Machine has saved all liquid again in order to give it to you again in a recording from 2011. This time the hissy noise show comes more in waves, sometimes extremely hard and flushy, and at others more coordinated and soft. It’s a bit like a balanced duel between bladder and mind of the Animal Machine, not just gruesome but more sensible… Really? Well perhaps not; I suggest to wear a raincoat just in case the noise will be dripping out of your content ears and ruin your clothes.

In ‘Structural Failure’ 2010) we can hear an earlier recording of this material coming from the year 2010. It is also very hissy and pissy, making me envision Animal Machine twirling around his urination organ in circles just so large areas will be able to receive its golden liquid. It’s nasty, but it’s natural and besides it does come across so liquid that the noise feels kinda refreshing. I wouldn’t swallow it, but as Animal a Machine fierce-full aimed at your ears you’ll receive it without having to open up your mouth.

For the last work on this album we travel to 2013 in which Thrashing Drive Vegetation seems to be recorded. This is of course an evolved noise theme working its way out into your world. It starts with some stormy hiss in mono, which seems to be go stereo by tormenting both the ears in an unequal fashion. It’s liquid violence of a similar kind, very animalistic and wild in a directed way; you can just feel Animal Machine has a huge steel bladder full of noise that all has to come out. The sound set of harsh noise liquidation is even though it’s limited in sound element, gratefully pulling all the madness out in ways that you will never get bored & always be flushed, sprayed and urinated over by Animal Machine’s golden showers!

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