Sea Charms – Midwest Tour 2016

Artist: Sea Charms
Title: Midwest Tour 2016
keywords: electronic experimental portland or electronic jazz ocean strange tour Portland
reviewer: C. Shelly

‘Shelly sells sea shells from her sea shelves’

Sea Charms are Crystal on keys and Jess on sax. I presume it’s keys as in KEYboard as playing a set of car keys would be great in experimental acts, yet to produce this kind of music it will be highly unlikely.

Together they play (as the band name suggest) a charming kind of music. It’s pretty great to hear them fold their music minds together as they sound like two puzzle pieces that when fixed together becomes automatically a full and finished sounding puzzle of solid melodic material. If it wasn’t for the information given with this release, I would have thought it would be a bigger band; meaning that these two fill up each-other music wise that no gap or hole within the music is left out. For a duo of analogue real life instruments they sound so full! Full as the sea? Ah, that could be a reason for their charming name…
Humans do exist a large bit out of water, and tears are salty, so it isn’t that weird if the Sea Charms had indeed the charms of the sea in their blood… As you might have noticed; I’m fixated on this name! Let’s fixate a bit more on the music:

You could call it jazz, or funk, or something else, but I don’t know if that would hit anywhere near the right bin of genres; I think it’s more fitting in the box of a duo being matched to perform a special thing that people categorize as ‘MUSIC’. It somehow feels more credible and open in its playfulness then putting it in some genre in which it doesn’t belong, as I really think it’s sounding as complete, as a puzzle all puzzled up for all to hear and see! Sea Charms music! A solved puzzle of the right mix & match of two people doing their charming things. I strangely believe that they even made the name up just for this tour.. I could hear them saying? What was our name again? Ah yeah! Sea Charms! Shit, I’m back on the name again; let’s try to focus on the music again:

This album is containing life recordings which really seem to deliver them in their realest forms. There is no studio engineer pushing buttons, or a fancy fellow twisting knobs to clean the material up until all life had been sucked out if it; no, these life recordings capture these Sea Charms as they are, as well as their music and the reactions of the audiences who are out there witnessing the playful friends (I presume they are close friends!) who do their own thing on this tour. It’s pretty charming! Almost alarmingly charming! What’s their name again? Sea Charms!

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