Pancake Promises – Meat Nappy

Artist: Pancake Promises
Title: Meat Nappy
Keywords: pancakes, midi, video, animation

A new super hero has arrived on the scene, not a flying batman or a wall climbing Spider-Man but an artist who politely remains (for the large bit) unanimous, with the super power to promise us the prospect of receiving pancakes. This is of course a great way to stop crime or criminal behavior as everyone is a sucker for sweet and juicy pancakes. When you hear the word pancake you just automatically taste it on your tongue; a very powerful delicatessen!

From a very good source we have received music of this Pancake Promises super hero. Not sure if it is available to the public, but yesterday a strange video had popped up that had one of these music pieces covered. Of course I personally couldn’t wait to jump on board and report this activity to you before another news reporter would run away with it, so I guess it’s ‘a premiere!’.

Pancake Promises had come to deliver a music piece named ‘Meat Nappy’. After regular contact with (who I presume is) the secret person behind the super hero identity, I had learned that the meat nappy is a real life thing down in the United Kingdom. I never knew it but apparently when you buy meat it comes in an absorbent diaper that will suck up the extra unwanted fats, blood and co. Pretty gruesome if I describe it like this, however ‘Pancake Promises’ doesn’t deliver a dirty track for you to go vegan for… It promises pancakes! And that’s a very happy and content promise!

And seeing the video clip for ‘Meat Nappy’ it’s not the only thing Pancake Promises is promising. A super tight and crystal clear video animation that will break the boundaries of traditional animations in a way that you had never seen! In fairly minimal ways the music video by Pancake Promises is a completely new thing, something that probably stand on it’s own as a genre.

It will be the first time for you to be blown away by the special effects, the visual images and mostly by the pancake promising MIDI music! Pancake Promises will play this tune and others (so I have been told…) at the Culture as A Dare Stage At Leigh Folk festival on 26 Jun & rumor goes that you can expect free pancakes at the concert! A reason to come out for sure! Google it for details, and watch the proper original originality of a music video below:

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