The Backalleys – Inner Peace Roller Coaster/True EP

Artist: The Backalleys
title: Inner Peace Roller Coaster/True EP
keywords: experimental local superheroes recordstore guy sightseeing singer-songwriter unplugged Leiden
label: Smikkelbaard
artist website:

What’s this? Secret insanity freakshow record label from the Netherlands ‘Smikkelbaard’ has released music? Actual music? Oh good lordy it must be the end of the world! But who cares as if indeed these are the last days on earth as we know it, at least we go out swinging with our heads of approval with the music delivered by ‘The Backalleys’. It is a miracle how Smikkelbaard and The Backalleys had met, but the result of this release of two classy songs (and videos!) is one not to take lightly.

The first song ‘Inner Peace Roller Coaster’ is so nice and light, not sure if its rock, or sing and song writer country swing; but it has some amazing groovy baselines and fine guitar riffs to play air-guitar along with. The singing voice by Xandra is touch and yet crystal clear in a strong way, hooking the hooks of the song into your ear in such a way that it’s sing-a-long-material in one single go! The quality of the sound, the mixture and production (you know the technical shit!) sounds phenomenal, so credits to all who had created this; it’s a refreshing find on a label that seemingly prefers to release records recorded on a potato.
Okay, I’m over doing it of course, as you know; Smikkelbaard is always delivering quality, it’s just that this release feels so ‘different’ from the rest of the collection.

But let’s focus on The Backalleys, as there is also the very friendly sounding ‘True’ song. It’s a bit slower than the previous song, but that would make it perfect to put out your lighter, light it up and hold it above your head when this tune plays… It sounds very ‘True’ and delivers the content of real music in such a way that light weight piano keys are nicely standing aside for encouragement of the electric guitar to do its pretty thing. The singing is sublime, the bass is nicely round and then before more compliments could possibly roll out from my fingertips; the music (and this release) is all over!

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