The Bordellos – How We Love To Fail

Artist: The Bordellos
title: How We Love To Fail
keywords: alternative, folk, punk, pp, lo-fi, post-punk, psychedelic, folk,
reviewed by: Leo Oser

Football; the game in which a bunch of millionaires run around on a field kicking a ball. Apparently it’s a big thing, and even throwing your TV out of the window, burning all the newspapers and never checking into an online ‘news’ source; you can’t escape when there is some ‘important’ football event going on.

I did perfectly fine, but then I was notified about a free track related to such a football event. Normally I would click away, but this was a track done by the Bordellos. You can’t click them away that would bring shame to you and your family. So there we have it, football and the Bordellos, or let’s call them Footballos for this special occasion.

It seems to be just one track so it can’t be that horrid, unless it’s a very long one of three hours with cheering football supporters cheering the sheer length of it all. But let’s not be afraid as when did the Bordellos or in this case the Footballos ever disappoint?


Turns out this is not the football anthem of failure it somehow sketches it to be, it’s rather a song about lots more failure but all song in a way that equally never seems to fail and indeed neither disappoint. Or perhaps that it did fail to deliver that football hooligan anthem is also a sign of failure? Anyway, I think we all could use a pretty but sad sounding song by these Bordellos, so here ya go:

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