Orphan Goggles – Meat Face Needs Eyes

Artist: Orphan Goggles
Title: Meat Face Needs Eyes
keywords: metal experimental rock noise rock psychedelic rock Los Angeles
reviewer: Simon Hit

Meat Face Needs Eyes by Orphan Goggles is coming with songs that have primarily guitars as the acting slayers, a drum-kit, and a front man who leans it’s voice (with helpers!) to the music. I’m not able to put in on a box as they would play as wild and rough that the box would fall apart and so they would run around like a bunch of seasoned punks with fresh vomit under their shoes.

They perform actual songs with enough energy to get the bar shaking, the drunk trustees drinking their drinks a bit faster, and the Jim Morrison fans flocking to his grave in the hope he will be revised and piss of the police. The tunes by Orphan Goggles are feeling like they are doing their best to freak out, but don’t go the full monkey: they are on the edge and wild but are not psychopathic or mentally disturbed. In fact they sound very much straightforward, rocking out with fanatic riffs, boxing rhythms, and raging vocals but it’s never turning into a apocalypse of hysteria; Orphan Goggles seems to know what they want to do and do exactly how they want to do it.

Not sure how Orphan Goggles is doing it; sounding rought and tough and sleek and determent with a vision at the same time; it’s as if they have their brains connected like ‘the Borg’ and are assimilating all that’s in your face. Personal favorite must be ‘pig force’ as the snarl growing music is so dark and stark, you can feel it in your bones; and it’s a good feeling!

There is something Devo in ‘Shit Zeppelin’ but probably also a lot more shit zeppelin. This tune has also a pretty heavy taste, dense, and quite insane but like my early remark; never insane enough. It’s like Orphan Goggles are having the potent potential of being insane music makers, yet they feel like they are on their medications to not go all too ballistic. (It might be ballistic enough for some of us perhaps..)

That said, listening to this album fits a nice rage in which a person flips out and start breaking things. But if that is you, please don’t blame Orphan Goggles as they are sensible, you can hear it in every inch of their music; they are solid and in control, even adding a bit of rock & roll to throw you off the edge of your own sanity. And if you aren’t into this kind of music, it actually might piss you off or annoy you as well! Both ways will have that start ‘break things’ effect, so better play this album in a pig station or in the lion’s den of Babylon.

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