Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo – Usable / 10 cassette loops

Artist: Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo
Title: Usable / 10 cassette loops
Keywords: argentina experimental drone drones experiemental improvisation jazz and improvised music lofi loops noise Argentine
label: Adaptador Records

Originality is always worth more than Spanish fly or Viagra, and so when you’ll hear about this original release it’s hard to hide the excitement in your natural private parts. Cause this release is not just a release it’s a ‘original’ one that is not just one about having music to listen to, but also seemingly intended as a tool to make music with! Yeah! I knew you would be aroused hearing this!

So what is it exactly? Let’s look at the details just as if they are the ingredients to a product that would spice up your sexuality:

-10 modified cassettes: 3 single sided + 7 double sided.
-17 differents loops of 5 to 9 secs of duration that can be repeated as well has you want.
-Some loops have pre-recorded music. The others are recorded by. BUT they can be modified in any way, be used for your own purposes, just like an endless blank tape.
Oh my i don’t know about you, but I’m soaked and almost slipping of from my chair hearing all these details. Like a slippery slide from excitement and yet I had no idea really what it all means; technically it’s all abracadabra to me, but emotionally I’m super excited and almost cannot hide it (if you know what I mean…)

To clear up what it all means it’s good to move to the official page from where you could order the original release, but could also hear examples of what you could do with it music/sound wise. In a easy way of explaining, the page shows you examples of the loops followed by a track made with them as a source… Of course this is just there for you to get an idea, as your own inspiration is of course as limitless as a rocket made out of teletubbies fur!


O o

Once this product of originality is in your possession the things you could do with it are as limitless as your own dirty imagination! See it as a tool in the music studio, a original release to show as a trophy to friends and family, a audio work of music loops to please generations upon generations that definitely should be written in any will in able it not to fall into the wrong hands! But before you die, you better get your own hands and ears onto this original product from master mind Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo over here:

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1 Response to Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo – Usable / 10 cassette loops

  1. Valeria says:

    Lorenzo, a good friend of mine! His work is awesome. 🙂

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