Microbit Project – In Acid

Artist: Microbit Project
title: In-Acid
keywords: acid, techno, rave, lobit, lowbit, rate, lofi, techno, dance, electronic, underground, free, netlabel, netrelease, raving, groove, psychedelic
label: L0BIT https://l0bit.wordpress.com/

Evgenij V. Kharitonov is one person from Russia that single handedly changed the world with his tremendous talents. He is a prolific music maker, poet, artist, bicycle lover and I have a feeling that he makes photographs too!
A multi-instrumentalist whose output is more than a handful of creative people will produce in their entire life time! Besides the genius being a genius, (and a friend!) he is also one who had inspired me and tremendous amounts of fanatics into the wonderful world of lobit music.
His music styles is also as diverse as possible, not afraid of experiments; from electronica, to ambient, to noise, to harsh noise, to spoken word to anything that he could possible imagine and come up with; nothing seems to be impossible for this artist.
And with this ‘nothing is impossible for this artist’ in mind, he had lowered himself in his Microbit Project deep down under in liquid acid! He did this for our entertainment and to prove a point as guess what? Microbit Project is immune to liquid acids!
Well deep in the acid, Microbit Project used its new surroundings to get inspired and gear up its musical gear to create himself the ‘acid’! This acid that our favorite artist of almost all time had created is now bubbled up to the surface for all us acid heads to pick up and play!
No need to place it under your tongue, swallow it with a sugar cube or drink it like a true lunatic; no! Microbit Project’s acid here is easy digestible by inhaling it straight into the ears! Both ears at the same time would be preferable!
The results? Phenomenal! Music to go completely into! In fact you will be just like Microbit Project into the acid! And try to resist not to move into these bubbling groove while your brain melts away with the incredible lobit acid sounds! It’s an album for everyone; get your legs wobbly and enjoy the free bath of acid bubble sounds in incredible moving music form!

Can’t get any better than this!

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