Remo De Vico – Il Barattolo

artist: Remo De Vico
title: Il Barattolo
keywords: barattolo experimental future pop gianni meccia remo de vico pop Cosenza

We all like to be entertained. But this not only counts for all living brings on earth, it actually also counts for the green little aliens that conspire in their UFO’s from a distance to destroy it. Even though their paws are on the trigger to wipe the earth out before the earthlings will wipe it out themselves, they too have entertainment to get through the day and missions.

From a very good source we have heard that on the bars of their mother ship a popular song is played over and over again for the aliens to enjoy in their time off while sipping on cosmopolitan drinks. Strangely the alien ‘hit’ that is been transmitted to all their UFOs to keep the moral up is been made somewhere on the planet they are eager to blow up.

Somehow the song by artist ‘Remo De Vico’ had been picked up in outer space and turned into the aliens’ favorite song of choice. It isn’t that all too weird as hearing it as a human being it does sound as if it’s catered to please and entertain the alien crowd. The alien music with earth elements is good audio food, to keep things cozy and alienating at the same time. It is fair to say that it’s best to hear the alien hit before some unidentified alien start to dance on top of the ‘destroy earth’ button… Hear and get it while you still can earthly friends:

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