Artist: RÜN
keywords: gorenoise metal gay grindcore grindnoise noisecore noisegrind Peltre

‘Something Wild’ starts intense with a minimal synth string and makes sexual noises. Than the sound of someone knocking on a door and then all the wild things happen. It’s like a brutal dose of noise that comes in massive bursts with some moments to breathe in between, but the wild things are outliving these moments and with a fierce fist the whole concept of music and melody collapses. The wild things are loud but sexy, hot and steamy muscular noise that will make some homophobes literally shit their pants. Something Wild is giving it to you straight but powered in a gay way! Super sexy and loud!

Sex In The Mirrors is another title for a track on this release. With warm atmosphere it starts, and if you listen carefully it sounds as if some special meat is being slapped around. The whole ambiance sounds more hot than warm; in fact it is brewing in mysterious hotness. And then? Then the wildness kicks in! It’s like a growl of a beast, a instinctual burst of the animal inside the human that comes out in its loudest shape and form. You can clearly hear instruments, but they are treated in such a way that it’s a bold fist of noise that gets the place rocking like a session of pounding sausages ripping open black portals without a hitch.

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