Youko Heidy – mambo sisters US tour album! part 3

artist: Youko Heidy
title: mambo sisters US tour album! part 3
keywords: lternative punk experiemental noise Japan
label: Mambo Records

The Mambo Sisters are just back in Japan after a fanatic tour through the USA. People on social media could follow their travels and adventures (someone stole their luggage, driving around in a van, no gas, hotness, street performance in NYC with admiring cops and a lot of new friends made on the way..)


the famous Mambo Sisters!

Now their performances of their tour from various locations are released and it is the perfect gift for all who want to relive the live show, or simply for all who had missed out on it! Now is the time to get your head spinning in how awesome the Mambo Sisters are and how powerful songs are made!

The album I’m pushing here is the latest one, but you really should check them all out in this ‘tour in the US series’ as damn Youko Heidy is on fire! Everywhere they play they do their own thing and it never sounds the same! It’s frantic and fanatic & pretty much why this is the live act to clean your ears for so the Mambo Sisters could fill it all up again. This album contains three ‘songs’, and the first recording from 2016/6/16 New Orleans is an instant thrill that sets the mark! With a fine assault of craziness of electronic glitch noise it is a straight assault to silence. Youko Heidy seems to be in excellent top shape here and the sounds are so fucked up that it’s borderline mentalism that will turn every sensible human being into a frenzied lunatic ready for the asylum. There are bits of break core in there, but in general it’s totally obnoxious, completely far out there on the insanity level; it’s like a freak out in which answering machines have become possessed and screams are louder than words! Absolutely bonkers!

The recording of 2016/6/17 in Texas Denton goes in to another full frontal swing of craziness! Sounds are coming out like razor blades with electrodes attached to it. It’s louder than any punk band with a bunch of guitars under their arms, and the voice of Youko Heidy is as a savaged creature that is even sharper and sicker than the prospect of being cut by these knives! The audience must have been honored to hear such material as I strongly believe that the sounds here are simply melting the walls and the roofs and set the mind into a completely new galaxy. In fact this might be coming from the portals going straight to hell! But dammit it sounds bloody fantastic!

The last recording on 2016/6/18 in Texas Austin is not being sensitive or polite either. It’s like listening to pigs being slaughtered, rats being tossed around and everything that was once ‘normal’ is now being chopped up and tossed in to a big wood chopper! Everything is going to shits as Youko Heidy levels things up into pure pounding of nastiness! It’s crazy, loud, sick and also so much fun! I just imagine the artist circling rats around by holding their tails and bewitching and electrocuting everyone that had attended this live set. So gruesome that it will make you happy!

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