Floating Mind – “V.I.S”

Artist: Floating Mind
title: “V.I.S”
Keywords: netlabel, Floating Mind, deep, mnml, minimal, techno, monoKraK
label: MonoKrak http://www.monokrak.net/
reviewer: Techno Theo

When people ask me ‘Hey Techno Theo,  where to go and find deep minimal techno’ I’ll always point (in silence) to the best quality netlabel that is dedicated to this material in every thing they do and release: Monokrak!

Besides that they control their output with a standard high class control system, they also deliver each release as high quality lossless WAV’s. The mp3 generation might be baffled by what WAV’s are; but the joke is on them. Monokrak with so many releases freely available to download is like an online heaven for deejays that need beats and grooves of this specialist kind. They can burn it on discs, place it on computers or (with a bit of cash) burn it on vinyl. Monokrak will save them money and still provide the top of the crop in the genre.

Monokrak just keeps on cracking and thanks to their efficient mailing list (I have no idea how you could join it & how we joined it…) the notion of new ‘crack’ had arrived this morning. Floating Mind “V.I.S” is was and is called and it just hit me how efficiently Monokrak keeps on providing the right material.

Floating Mind “V.I.S” has that kicking steady beat, those high-hats and even very playful bits of percussion. It even brings this techno friendly futuristic voice that feels like we are on some fictive space station with alien races raving on in a racist free society. Here we dance in a trance, without a single bit of stress we just all flow on the moving groove and minimal space material. I’d never though to acknowledge this but techno music like this; brings people & extraterrestrials together! Trust the words of Techno Theo!

Music like this is simply a language that could be picked and understood by everyone. The kicks are nice and round, the extra rhythmic elements are all on their place to please you and your friends & within this minimal setup there is actual beauty to be enjoyed. In a state of solid steadiness Floating Mind “V.I.S” plays melodies of mysterious warm ambient-kind that will make every one calm and at ease while still being able to dance the night and day away.

It’s a good combination and even though you might think that techno is straightforward Floating Mind “V.I.S” is actually sounding pretty intelligent in its programming. In fact it might reprogram the listeners into a satisfying peaceful bunch of togetherness while it plays and does it thing. I guess if deejays has the desire to get their audience into a peaceful trance than this material is the choice they should look into.
Did I already mention it is free? Techno Theo recommends to get it at the link below:

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