Zalys – Sublime

Artist: Zalys
title: Sublime
format: limited CD  / digital
keywords: ambient electronic industrial ambient atmospheric dark ambient drone futuristic industrial sci-fi space space ambient France

Electronic artist Zalys is yesterday’s discovery on the always interesting Feminatronic website. And if you explore her many albums it’s very clear why! To me Zalys is a captain that will provide anyone the escape from planet earth straight deep into the unknowns of another galaxy. Good luck to anyone who wants to stay behind, I’ll jump on board and hope the nice people will do the same!

Cosmic DNA lifts this album off with synthesized precision, leaving bubbling bubble sounds and moving space gasses through the imagination developed through the sounds that Zalys provides. Slowly but surely the mind goes into another galaxy, in which beauty and abstract material plays out a strange world to float in. The synthesizer material is making listeners from all over the galaxy feel weightless, traveling through a space filled with stars, nebula and the ‘unknown’. It’s rare to hear such things, but zalys gives us the change and if you are smart you should definitely go for this spacious journey of music.


The ticket to your escape from planet earth ^

And the journey is as mysteriously spacious as it is beautiful. When ‘Kepler 186f’ plays it’s like being in a euphoria of wonder; synthesizer material that will make way for fantasy and limitless imaginations. These strings of electronic wonders are so full, so pretty and moving that it’s easy to be captivated in some strange kind of sound hypnosis. It’s as if Zalys is the captain of a space ship and we listeners just all sit back and enjoy the ride of wonderful wonders that happen outside the spaceship’s window.

The travel of wonderful sights goes on with ‘Lux in Tenebris’ in which the flight seems to go at a more relaxing pace in order to view the miracles in space with our own wide open ears. Zalys synthesizer material is passing through an extraordinaire world in which everything is beautiful and strange life. My mind is filled with mysterious trees, strange colors never seen before and flying nature that resembles birds on earth, yet they are a species never seen before. Strange mysterious city landscapes that open up like unknown flowers on the strange world’s surface are opening up through vivid visions as seen through the third eye… I’m in bliss… Such an amazing journey for the mind and the ears; you would be nuts not to join this session.
From all the beautiful views Zalys decides to take us to a place to cool down and refresh in the shade. She takes us to ‘Beneath the Surface’, a place in which darker lights smooths the surroundings in surreal mystery. I imagine a cave like environment in which large crystal like materials light up to fulfill another load of amazement and mystery.

Then our captain must have noticed the dreamy and sleepy passengers as we than seem to go ‘Drifting Through Time and Space’. It’s a nice but dark ride, full of dark corners in which the unknown lurks to peek at the space ship of fine space ambient. The mysterious trip gets smoothed up with hints of melodic music for comfort and dozing off the possible thoughts of danger. Instead of going dark the trip becomes euphoric, proud that it will fly through these unknown worlds without fear and limitations, transporting our minds through strange scenes with a feeling of safety that only the best trustworthy captain would be able to provide.

The journey that Zalys provides us also goes for a visit to a close range flyby to the Radiant Star. We can hear the radiance and see the mysterious lighting on the star’s surface. It’s all a bit neon and glowing in a strange mysterious melted down way. This star seems to be like a place unable to be inhabited by us earthlings, yet there are signs that other more evolved alien beings have made it their home. I imagine them being made out of pure light and space dust particles that move around when they see us flying by.

The spacious journey continues with ‘The Nebula’s Wishes’. We can hear it pulling towards us like magical space waves pulsating to catch our attention. It is beautiful and with ease captain Zalys steers through strange space weather conditions in order to get us closer to these waves of wonder. Attracted to the hallucinations of this surreal world that resembles home planet’s sea we will fly until the Nebula takes us all in like warm welcomed visitors that will never leave. And why should we or anyone sensible? This is the escape from planet earth that we all have been waiting for!

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2 Responses to Zalys – Sublime

  1. linda says:

    That’s a nice space travel for sure! Straight outta office 😀

  2. Zalys says:

    Thanks for this wonderful review 🙂 I’m glad you like it and appreciate all the kind words and the evocative descriptions. There’s currently some summer sales on the official bandcamp, the physical album “Sublime” is 50%-off using the promo code “zalys”. So enjoy it !

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