Scream In Bubble – Pendosa (official music video)

Artist: Scream In Bubble
title: Pendosa
keywords: deathcore, video clip
reviewer: Dead & Mum

Scream In Bubble is a five piece deathcore band from Bandung, Indonesia. They had just released their very own first video clip and asked us to give it a review. So here it is:

Scream In Bubble’s video clip for their ‘Pendosa’ track is more than 4 minutes in length and shows the band playing in some huge abandoned looking place. There are other snippets filmed of walking around, throwing a stick against the wall and a face wrapped in toilet tissue; but most prominent are the scenes of the band playing in synchrony. The players of the electric guitars are all jumping together like kangaroos that stick to one spot to jump on, but they also bang their heads in aggressive ways.



I have been told by someone that the head banging (when done correctly) releases some material in the head that gives the head-banger a rush or even some kind of psychedelic trip. I’ve never tried it as being afraid to gain a whiplash, but considering the head bang action by Scream In Bubble there must be something to this that takes them to a higher level. I’s nice to see them head bang together in sync, its like a choreographed modern dance that probably takes a lot of strength from the neck, as to not launch the head like a loose projectile.


head banging

Not everybody is playing a guitar; there is of course a drummer who is kicking the drums like his feet are not made to touch the floor; he is super quick, hits with his drumsticks and he does that well. All the way upfront and not unimportant in this ‘Pendosa’ track, is the man who uses a microphone to amplify his voice. With his voice the man screams & he does this in such a way that it’s very clear that he has done this before. It makes me think that the microphone of this band is named ‘Bubble’ as that would make perfectly sense with the band name that this five piece band occupies.



As a first video clip it certainly shows off what these fellows can do. They have no problem making the huge space look small by them filling it up with their presence and deathcore music. They come across uptight and pumped up, and yet (because of their synchronism in the head-bang & jump business) it also has something that suggests that they had a lot of fun making it.

for more Scream In Bubble you could check out the following kinky links:……

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