zheimeer – Misinterpretations

Artist: zheimeer
Title: Misinterpretations
keywords: diy experimental musique moderne chiptune classical electro experimental microtonal oustsider music pop singer-songwriter Kraków
label:Weakie Discs https://www.weakiediscs.yolasite.com/

Sometimes problems occur reviewing something that is so good that you simply don’t know what to write! Things like ‘album of the year!’ Or ‘best music release created in this century!’ are of course nice things to say, but they also seem to be copy pasted from those mainstream music review magazines known for their one-sentence-tells-it all-write-ups. I hope you don’t misinterpret my remark on these magazines as a sign of respect; as it isn’t.

zheimeer’s album is one that gives me as a writer this problem; I love everything about it & yet have no words to express how this album makes me feel. I feel like everything I would write could be misinterpreted or at least would not be able to do this album the justice that it deserves. It deserves a whole lot of praise of course, but even writing that sounds like something that could be interpreted as a form of sarcasm; which it isn’t! Misinterpretations by zheimeer is really that great that it simply left a hole in my brain, in which all the words of praise had fallen in.


zheimeer’s misinterpretations

So what is this album all about? And why is it so amazing that you cannot write about how amazing it is? -good questions, I thought you’d never asked!

Well zheimeer’s misinterpretations is an album in which misinterpretations are dominating the normal interpretations. It’s a refreshing thing as most (the 99%!) musicians are rehearsing or mixing their music to death in an attempt to eliminate all misinterpretations. And zheimeer’s album over here is basically the result of trying to get the total opposite of what all these musicians are trying to achieve. And that’s impressive!
Not only on paper as a concept, but as this album proofs; also just as impressive in the actual results!

zheimeer’s misinterpretations cover classical and popular music pieces and bring them out by completely misinterpreting them. And by doing this in the zheimeer way the actual misinterpretations actually become completely new and original materials on their own! These are not badly done covers if that’s what you might think; these are truly misinterpretations that are so misinterpreted that they themselves have become new music. Perhaps if another musician would be brave enough to try to create misinterpretations of the misinterpretations done here by zheimeer they would either turn back to their origins, or transform yet again into completely new things!
Fascinating stuff!

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1 Response to zheimeer – Misinterpretations

  1. Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo says:

    You forgot named it as ‘Master Work’. Stupid title that, in this case, its a truly sentence.

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