Golden Leap – Écouter Naissance

Artist: Golden Leap
title: Écouter Naissance
Keywords: electronic, dance, video, visual, art,
reviewer: M.O.M.A.

Things that people like to watch are different from individual to individual. It could have many factors; personal attraction, sexuality, gender, hunger, taste and probably lots more. For some reason this visual spectacle of a video clip is somehow removing this gap of things we like to see and what we don’t. Cause who doesn’t want to see this? You? Okay… Bye!

Ah you had been joking?
Fine… Glad you are sticking around.

It is clear that there is nudity in this music video; a woman or multiple women are somehow shown in there, but how they are presented is so surreal and different than anything you’d probably had seen.. Oh? Really? You have seen a lot? Well that’s fine.. In that case I was referring to another ‘you’.

But please stick with us.. As this is different; it’s art! Not some banal thing, or some fake art done by a millionaire who orders poor artists to make the art for him or her; nudity used to become real art!



Even though some of us might be not interested in seeing some hints of nakedness; it is brought in such a way that you can’t look away either (!) & strangely making the subject in the video into something beautiful and futuristic; they turn into some kind of strange landscape of electric lines and waves… It makes me think of ghosts inside a machine but then the ghosts are replaced by this person (or persons?) and the atmosphere is not ghostly at all!

It isn’t sexual, but more like an exploration of the body in a way that it is transformed into an electronic world in which colors and shapes are putting the eyes in some kind of trance, something that strangely keeps on fascinating. Sounds fascinating, eh?

It also helps that there is of course very fitting music, probably superglued to these spectacular visuals in a way that only a professional video artist could do. It fits very well as the electronic soundtrack with its steady flow of trip beats, is easily material to find yourself hooked on.

It’s the combination of the artistic clever visuals and the music that makes it into a unforgettable experience, as somehow as two separated things it probably wouldn’t make such long lasting impression that it now makes. Do you like long lasting impressions?

Anyway, to just speak freely and happy about this music video; it is a beauty! A strange peek in a electronic semi abstract futuristic world made out of a not so futuristic body with electronic dance music as its partner. I feel you just have to watch it for yourself and forget about anything else:

Like what you have heard and seen? Then please keep looking out as this track will be released soon as part of a brand new ‘Golden Leap’ EP!

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