Monkey Warhol feat. Unicorn Festival – Lovely Lady

Artists: Monkey Warhol feat. Unicorn Festival
title: Lovely Lady
Keywords: alternative, pop, video, fun, dance, animation, tacos, chicken, lady

Yesterday was clearly video day, as our mailbox contained somehow only videos. Even the words in the emails had been videos; it was a surprise, but also a good reminder that we live in a modern world.
One of the videos that we found was this one by Monkey Warhol and the fabulous Unicorn Festival.

This video is something to be happy about as it throws the serious business’s mood over at our offices directly into the garbage bin. Instead the video brings a lot of happiness, a joyful and youthful spirit and an unspeakable urge to go and eat a true authentic taco!

Insanely enough, I’ve never ate a taco! But this video simply convinced me that before my life will be ‘game over’ i really should go find and eat one! Look with how much fun the tacos in this video are presented! A sombrero, a poncho and a thick mustache! Pretty glasses and spectacular happy and uplifting dance improvisations that makes the mouth longing for tacos!

Strangely the whole taste for taco feeling is not generated by a actual song about tacos, but it’s a song about a lovely lady who looks like a taco. So if you are into lovely ladies and tacos combined you probably be out of your mind after watching this jolly half cartoon half real (who framed roger rabbit!) extravaganza! All tacos and mystery of the lovely lady that looks like a taco aside; personally I was most intrigued by the appearance of a chicken who looks like a chicken. (It looks like the video has something for everybody!)

Kids, taco friends, adults, lovely ladies and chicken fans enjoy this festive music video clip over here:

P.s. Because somehow the video clip was easily material you would want more from, I browsed around and found another jolly good video of the same maker! This one is for everyone who loved, loves and likes to open surprise eggs! (Might the chicken in the previous video have something to do with them?) good fun too!


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