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Lisa Busby – Fingers in the Gloss

artist: Lisa Busby title: Fingers in the Gloss format: limited edition CD / digital keywords: experimental electronic improv noise song London Lisa Busby’s ‘Fingers in the gloss’ shows how experimental music with sincere sounding vocals could be the perfect combination … Continue reading

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Scheerling / Thaumaturgist – Vertoeven LVI / Mysteries van de Droom

artists: Scheerling / Thaumaturgist title: Vertoeven LVI / Mysteries van de Droom format: cassette /  digital keywords: electronic experimental drone experimental electronic oggy records oggy017 scheerling thaumaturgist Ghent label: OGGY RECORDS Never thought the day would come to hear a … Continue reading

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Gutter Strategies – I Am Death

Artist: Gutter Strategies title: I Am Death keywords: experimental death death industrial deathindustrial harshnoise industrial noise noise music power electronics powerelectronics religious Germany reviewer: Simon Hit Gutter Strategies ‘I Am Death’ sounds unlike being dead; quite alive and noisy. It’s … Continue reading

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Microbit Project – In Acid

Artist: Microbit Project title: In-Acid keywords: acid, techno, rave, lobit, lowbit, rate, lofi, techno, dance, electronic, underground, free, netlabel, netrelease, raving, groove, psychedelic label: L0BIT Evgenij V. Kharitonov is one person from Russia that single handedly changed the world … Continue reading

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Remo De Vico – Il Barattolo

artist: Remo De Vico title: Il Barattolo keywords: barattolo experimental future pop gianni meccia remo de vico pop Cosenza We all like to be entertained. But this not only counts for all living brings on earth, it actually also counts … Continue reading

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Youko Heidy – mambo sisters US tour album! part 3

artist: Youko Heidy title: mambo sisters US tour album! part 3 keywords: lternative punk experiemental noise Japan label: Mambo Records The Mambo Sisters are just back in Japan after a fanatic tour through the USA. People on social media could … Continue reading

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Artist: RÜN Title: PSYCHIC LOVE keywords: gorenoise metal gay grindcore grindnoise noisecore noisegrind Peltre ‘Something Wild’ starts intense with a minimal synth string and makes sexual noises. Than the sound of someone knocking on a door and then all the … Continue reading

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Lei Di Dai and Drumagick – Rude Girl

Artist: Lei Di Dai and Drumagick Title: Rude Girl Keywords: electronic girl house jamaica ragga samba rock bass music dancehall drum and bass freestyle nujazz São Paulo reviewer: Willem van O. Shake those shoulders, bounce those hips and bump the … Continue reading

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Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo – Usable / 10 cassette loops

Artist: Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo Title: Usable / 10 cassette loops Keywords: argentina experimental drone drones experiemental improvisation jazz and improvised music lofi loops noise Argentine label: Adaptador Records Originality is always worth more than Spanish fly or Viagra, and so … Continue reading

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HARRY CLOUD – Harry Cloud’s After School Special

Artist: HARRY CLOUD Title: Harry Cloud’s After School Special Keywords: black metal metal doom metal experimental electronic experimental rock punk rock Los Angeles When someone French describes Harry Cloud as a genius, you better take it seriously. Full of paranoid … Continue reading

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