Zavoloka – Volya

Artist: Zavoloka
Title: Volya
Keywords: electronic experimental kvitnu kyiv ukraine ukrainian volya zavoloka electronic experimental experimental electronic Vienna
reviewer: Willem van O.

Stumbling on the name of Zavoloka brought me to the huge collection of music releases over at the artists bandcamp account. There are so many releases that tickle the imagination upon arriving there, yet for some reason “Volya” was the one that attracted me the most.

…probably because it seems to be the latest Zavoloka release & also because it is dealing with a serious issue: The description and dedication of this 3 track release tells it all:

Volya means freedom. Inspired by Ukrainian winter revolution, it’s blood and fire. Metal rhythms from the riot streets, the sound of burned police cars, gas grenades explosions and the molotov cocktail symphony. The liberty napalm of transformation. Dedicated to Ukraine. Присвячено Україні

However heavy the release notes might seem the actual music will excite you in its smart programming and original mood-telling. With intelligent electronica the artist manages to create a story in which soft and hard are equal, it’s as if sadness and loss are just as prominent as being unstoppable and powerful. In the rhythms used you can hear militant aspects, perfect material for unstoppable marches while in the mysterious more quiet parts there seems to be a place for the mind to absorb and strangely think about the happenings.

It feels like a movie soundtrack and that’s perhaps what frightens me the most as this album is based or inspired by real life revolution. It’s a dark grim world but Zavoloka’s sound prevails in the feeling that it is strong, determent and has a heartbeat that will never give up fighting for that freedom!

If you like what you will hear, please note that all funds received from “Volya” sales from Zavoloka’s Bandcamp will be transferred to Ukrainian volunteers and medical needs.

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