Lien VΦD – Thee Buddha

artist: Lien VΦD
title: Thee Buddha
keywords: experimental ambient dark ambient experimental field recording field recordings noise psychedelic ritual shaman Wolfsberg
artist website:

Experimental music maker, traveler and psychedelic transgender artist Lien VΦD is back with a very interesting album that from its beginning will take every listener who visits it, away into an organic experimental trance. It begins with a strange rhythmic path that is making me feel like a bouncing rubber ball, bouncing from side to side while a mouth harp compliments each bounce. An impressive bell-sound also joins the session, making it a experience that transforms into something that is sounding very spiritual. A chanting chant certainly helps to make ‘Reverend Thee UM’ what it is, as it certainly gives that vibe of self-discovery in some kind of temple-environment. Ohm.

Of course this was a great start, but it even seems to get much better! With ‘Thee PhiVoids’ Lien Void brings a very surreal sounding ambient drone that feels melodic, holy and spiritual in a strange angelic cold-breathed way. It isn’t ghostly but there is ‘something more than what meets the ears’ active over here. From here the album goes into the more hands-on sounding ‘Space Traveller In Portal’. Here Lien VΦD brings a very minimal but rhythmic soundtrack that feels like it’s creating a path into your own inner self. It’s a nice journey, simply enjoyed with your legs folded and your head into the music. Let the trip begin and Void do the driving. When you are doing it right, your head, mind and body will go automatically into a moving trance and everyone around you can observe you elevating yourself from the ground like a established fakir.

Like a true shaman Lien VΦD had crafted the unique trip experience that is ‘Lucifer Doesn’t Know Who She Om’ with a very bizarre swing in a slow and yet quick moving rhythm, she is making the head turn upside down and tumbling. The sound is quite strange, as if a piece of breathe is rolling up a hill and with every roll some air escapes its non-existing lungs. It’s weird but that also equals that it’s very original & hearing this with open heart, ears and mind will do something to the listener; something extraordinary! An almost out of body / out of mind experience!

If you think tripping and self-exploration isn’t fun, than Lien VΦD has a surprise for you. This surprise is the track named ‘Aishiteru’ which will blow your mind away into such a trance that you won’t even know what had happened! One moment you are enjoying the magic of Lien’s trip hypnosis and in another you’ll be raving yourself like a modern day techno head. So good! I love this combo of spiritual music and technology; Lien Void brings the best of these worlds together!

Next up is ‘Thee Buddha’ which is coming across as a track for listening; a sit back and hear the soundscape work that becomes an strange ride. We flow with a mysterious cloudy stream like spirits escaping from our own body, but once rinsed we can enjoy the homely surroundings of some animal friends and Lien VΦD playing her mouth harp & other instruments. When it’s time for us to go, the streamy cloud comes again to take us for another ride. Who needs cars, trains, bicycles when there is the void way of traveling?

Talking about traveling makes me want to travel some more. Luckily this album seems to have read my mind and comes with ‘Dementia Praecox’ which seems to be all about it. We can hear us moving in the physical world going from station to station while a voice talks to announce the places we go and the places that we arrive. Lien Void makes the journey into a dreamy drone session, making the trains move smoother and fluent while the whole world becomes fuzzy.

The last track is the fun sounding ‘Vegetarische Löwin’ in which it feels a bit like the chilled out zone in which we as travelers can relax and listen for a final time to what the artist has to offer. The spontaneous loving laugh in this recording is a highlight, making me feel satisfied and happy as a listener; what good times we had & what a lovely journey we had traveled through! Come on wannabe travelers, join the unique trip & you’ll be a satisfied traveler in no time:

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1 Response to Lien VΦD – Thee Buddha

  1. Pantherfly says:

    This is truly poetic apart from beautiful, deep and meaningful. ❤

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