Astrolope – Codelove

Artist: Astrolope
title: Codelove
keywords: dance, electronic, techno, video, lofi chiptune dance experimental electronic glitch Toronto
reviewer: Coolio

Astrolope’s Codelove is the kind of tune your cool friend would bring you to check it out, making your cool friend a lot cooler and yourself a little bit closer to that cool status. It’s the music for the cool people, not the hipsters or people hanging out on the North Pole; it’s you know for people like you, who are reading this on this very cool website; it can’t come any cooler than you and me that’s for sure.

The music has everything we cool people like and enjoy; from acid flavors, smooth rounded synth bass to a electronic beat and even some funk space cool part. I’m not even sure if that is the way how to describe it, but yeah it all sound pretty much up our alley of cool cats. But as the eyes want something too (cool people like us are very visual orientated…) this cool tune also comes with a cool videoclip.

The cool footage used for this clip is material available in the public domain & only cool people would be able to use it to blow a cool new life into it. This is not only done by the perfect fitting footage, or the right editing to fit the timing and rhythm of the cool tune, it is also done with the great use of a very cool effect. The cool effect mirrors the seen images and that simply turns the eyes in favor of this cool tune as they will see cool things that aren’t actually there! A cool visual trick in which a solo dancer becomes a pair, or even a cool semi abstract dancing waist with the same body parts on the bottom of the screen as on the top of it; pretty cool, eh?!

Now be cool, watch and hear the cool video and tune & spread the cool word among the less cooler people, or brag about it (in a cool way) to the cool people who weren’t cool enough to know about the existence of Astrolope’s Codelove:

You can download the cool track for free at the following coolest link of links:

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