Wellness – You’re a Nightmare / Earthworm

artist: Wellness
title: You’re a Nightmare / Earthworm
keywords: punk electropunk folk punk onemanband solo weird Dayton

Oh my gosh! We really had a tough time at YIKIS; we had been struck by lightening and had no electricity to write a soppy story. But now that we have reconnected to the global system of modern day electricity I’m glad to announce this perfect release to get straight back into it! Something that really fits the game-zone that we had a few posts before, only instead of it being sucky, it is pretty excellent!

You’re a Nightmare (It Isn’t Personal)’ is simply the perfect track to hear after forcibly going back to the Stone Age and come back to the modern times. It has the all loving chip tune sound that everyone seems to dig + the passion of that muppet who usually sits in a garbage bin in that legendary educational street who happens to be heavily inspired by a energetic wave of punk.

You’re a Nightmare (It Isn’t Personal) rocks out without the sound of a guitar or drumkit, but it swings and rolls like a pop tune created by a middle finger with a happy face painted on its nail. The expression in the voice is so up and full devotion that it changed the whole chip tune friendliness into something that made me think of a world in which GG Allin was Mario from that well known Nintendo franchise; pretty weird but also pretty cool!

All good mad things come never alone and that’s why there is another wicked insane song named ‘Earthworm’ which has the lyrics many artists will recognize them self in. The music is as computerized as a cute little pony in pixel-form whipped hard to keep on rocking on its minimal poppy hooves. But it is the singing singer who expresses himself so blatant and violently that it will be hard for anyone not to embrace this person with a lot of love and respect.

He reminds me at times here of the cartoon animation version of the Tasmanian Devil and even though that is a pretty wild thing, it is also one many of us would love or buy in merchandise form. What can I say? Glad we are back connected to the electric grid and even happier to fall with our nose straight into this two-track must hear realness!

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