c4 – in conclusion

artist: c4
title: in conclusion
keywords: Lobit, Techno
label: Sirona-Records http://sirona-records.com/

From a music lovers perspective listening to the brand new release of the legendary c4 is like being in lobit techno heaven with ecstatic extras. There is so much to love here that I’m afraid to review it as you just know it’s going to be just words praising it all, a love fest that is part generated by the brain of a total fan-boy and simply honest truth!

This release by c4 should excite you so much more than the newest Aphex Twin in my humble opinion, as there the fans will always find something to nag it complain about, but with c4 complaining or being disappointed with anything that this producer has brought out is simply impossible. Every track, every inch of c4 sound is spot on and this brand new c4 release is showing that this is not just an opinion; it is a rigorous fact!


underground lobit techno king c4!

On this album c4 brings the mind into a superb trip-state with the finest bubbling low bit techno acid sounds that feels as old school as it feels new; this is music that simply never has an awkward moment to pop up and do its thing. The special thing that c4 is doing over here that sounds very different than other c4 releases is that c4 not only made the tunes but also splendidly mixed them into each-other like a professional underground deejay. It is creating the perfect mix to fly away in as c4 simply knows how to make a listener fly by sparkly acid bubbles & pounding happy beats.

The legendary underground king also proofs that it isn’t just about raving, he also puts in slow sexy electro funk, and in general a solid knowledge of mellow melodies to absolutely adore and love. I told you before, this is just one of those written mumbling texts that had nothing but praises, but dammit just hear it for yourself and tell me if it isn’t true! Electronica by c4 is simply the best and believe me or not; that’s no joke! Could listen to this for the rest of my life, but before I do just that, let me share the link so we can enjoy it for eternity together:

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