Djanan Turan – Un anno d’amore (cover song)

Artist: Djanan Turan
title: Un anno d’amore (cover song)
keywords: singing, voice, singer songwriter, cover, video,
artist website:

The bright aura and it’s source named Djanan Turan are shining their colorful colors again & this time they do this in colorful black and white. Perhaps it’s an invisible rainbow to your eyes, but the audio in the shape of a brand new cover song and pretty fancily styled video clip is very real! Ready for your consumption through your eyes, ears, heart and soul (you might be able to lick and touch the screen that delivers it for the real tickling sensation to satisfy all the senses…) , this song & music video will remove the shadows through the exit and kicks the romance of the good old vintage days back in.

Djanan Turan in a theatrical setting surrounded by stage curtains, atmospheric lighting, and mysterious moving lights on the floor & complimented by a wonderful dress and a haircut to die for. The singer sings the Italian song in the Italian language like only an authentic Italian could do! Amazingly the from origin Turkish Djanan Turan isn’t Italian, making her having to work perhaps a little bit harder to get it right; but the results are oh so fruitful. A super romantic song sung so passionately that it would fit right into a Fellini movie. We all could use a little love and affection, or simply a nice serenade, a flashback to the good old days; so please don’t be afraid to appreciate the ‘Un anni d’amore’ covered by Djanan Duran and her powerful golden voice over here:

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