EPIA / Broads – Local Closures

artists: EPIA / Broads
title: Local Closures
format: limited edition CD
keywords: electronic experimental norwich drone folk lo-fi Norwich

EPIA starts the split with ‘Many Less Ears’. Not sure how many ears EPIA had before the split but I hope it was more then 4 so a few less wouldn’t stop the music production that EPIA is so good at. Cause hearing this music is quite the perfection. Going for real atmospheric material that is played out with seemingly real live played instruments in combo with electronics. The beginning might sound like it would be a shimmering emotional piece, but as soon as a energetic upbeat-beat and a wobbly baseline joins in the flames of quality are lid like a cozy fire that runs behind you forcing your feet to run around the flames. I could think of worse things to do & be entertained by!

Then ‘Leaves Return’ (also by EPIA) comes in which features interesting music in which stretchy synthesizers stretch themselves out (with a little help!) and soft words are spoken like a gentle whisper of dreams. There are pretty piano notes played too, turning the track into a sweetly flavored early evening or early morning kind of track. It’s nice enough to continue dreaming, or indeed lay down and start a new one with this music as the soundtrack.

British Columbia, 1981 is another lovely piece of music by EPIA. It has this lovely opening-up flow that reminded me of the magic that the Icelandic band Mûm is known to sprinkle over their music. But where the fairytale like dream music by the Icelandic friends sounds more princess like, this is more material that for some reason would be great to imagine a singing prince on a horse by. It’s romantic, soothing, yet strong in an handsome kind of dreaming way. Is EPIA the prince or princess on the horse of your secret dreams, or indeed just a magical music maker?


a very sharp photo of EPIA

Random Awkward Movement is EPIA bringing the finest piano keys to life, playing them like an emotional connected human that has the power to translate love through mellow melodies. But don’t think this is all magic and slow motion sentimental wonderful material as EPIA brings in a square pusher-like beat to satisfy the so called intelligent electronic fans.

Last track by EPIA is ‘Other Outs’ which is pretty pleasant, very warm, cozy, crispy material that has sunshine written all over it. It is for the most part very atmospheric but a little but over the half of the material it shifts into a bright uptempo rocker that seems to be a uplifting reach for us to fly towards the blue sky.

And then it is time for the split to pass over to the artist we all had been waiting for ‘Broads’. Broads it’s first track is ‘Norfolk Mountain Explorers’ which sounds so well mixed that it almost inflicts orgasms when listened through headphones. The sound is so nice and round, in full stereo it seems; a very friendly atmospheric opener in which a slow stepping beat, a light melody and a ambient setting of prettiness is simply there to please anyone who comes across it.


Broads.. (not sure if its a duo, or the one on the left or the right…

Then Broads continues with a super rad work named ‘Carriage Return’ which you simply might become enthusiastic about when hearing it. It has all the goodness of the previous track but here it’s a nice rolling beat, a super smooth loving bass and warm organ melody to please the ears. It’s a real rocker that functions in a subdued way; it sounds very loving and human while at the same time being pretty tight! The track is solid for sure!

Broads’s ‘Teal’ is showcasing a completely different side with Broads singing wonderfully in a gentle way and guitar sweetness on a slick sounding beat. I imagine Broads performing this song for lovers in the early sunday morning enjoying breakfast in bed and a sweet performance of intimate good loving music. What can a person want more other than it never to end?


For the digital fans: this is a physical release AND limited.. but look how lovely it is…

Broads then comes with ‘Misc Tea’ which feels a bit like a little intermezzo. It’s very minimal, sweet, pleasant; like a teaspoon of sugar and some milk in a fine cup of tea.

Watch-Wearing ~ I’ve Been Invited To A Heavy Wedding is a very nice example of a super well progressive track in which sweetness and friendliness in kind music slowly transforms itself into a warm noisy experiment that feels like we are looking at airplanes flying over our heads in full speed, probably full of people heading towards sunny destinations. It’s okay as this split by Broads and EPIA is sunny enough to bring the good weather and warmth straight to wherever you are tuned in from. This pretty release can be bought at the following link:

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