Nina Kardec – Tribute To Kaly

artist: Nina Kardec
title: Tribute To Kaly
keywords: electronica
label: Sirona-Records

Nina Kardec was one of these artists that has been around netlabel-land for quite some time, and this album (if I can rely on my memory and resources) has been released in the early days when a social website called Myspace was still alive and was a home for a netlabel that later turned into the massive and unbeatable Sirona-Records. Now all these many years later it is the home for a re-released version of this album, and gladly so! Netlabels come and go, but music like this should be available for everyone at all times!

This album is one of the ones that got me into the music of Nina Kardec, as it was sounding so neat and yet open for experiment. It kind of lurks a listener in with a steady track that feels a bit objective, slowly winning your heart with a beat until we are all settled in and Nina Kardec can evolve the creativity for maximum volume.
The track ‘Jolie’ is what I’m talking about, it has this thickness in groove, and yet the prettiness of harp players doing fragile sweetness that turns through its loopy combination into something playful and pleasurable. It isn’t easy to have stiff shoulders when hearing this as this music seems to make everything loose and moving like an oiled up electro-head that isn’t dirty of electroacoustics either.

Nina Kardec’s ‘One Day’ is very nice too, super smooth and minimal in its melody, yet it sounds so full and rich. You can hear the artist having no fear of experimentation paying off, inserting the unexpected and yet well-fitting justified wobble underneath it while also providing playful steady beats to trip away in. This is why netlabels are such a blessing; free epic music that is so good, and easily available at the touch of your fingertips.
Talking about fingertips, the last track ‘SOLEDAD’ sounds as if it is created by Nina Kardec’s finger tips; very light and bright, together with a heartbeat making the whole release even more human than it would be without it. You can download it for no cash (also credit card is not needed!) at the following link:

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