Endless Chasm – Harm Health

Artist: Endless Chasm
Title: Harm Health
format: tape /  digital
keywords: electronic experimental drone noise synth Chicago
label: Lurker Bias https://www.facebook.com/lurkerbias
reviewer: Simon Hit

This album might harm your health, but so does drinking, driving, smoking and regular living. The release begins with ‘Campaign To Construct’ which comes across as an warm angelic construction of sound poked and scratched with rusty harks and pointy garden equipment to get under your skin like nails on a chalkboard.

Hearts Beat With The Horror’ is like an old game console with a pong game loaded while heavily drained with coffee liquid in order to make the whole machine to sound pretty fucked up and broken. It also sounds pretty retro and electric, strangely rhythmic as if we are hearing the machine’s finale heartbeats until it simply burns out its circuits and only noise will prevail.

Than it’s time to introduce the pain and the love for it. This is done with ‘Harm Health’ which features a sentimental voice telling us about his pain that slowly but surely gets vaporized by a full amount of harsh noise in order for is listeners to understand what the voice had been going through.

But it has to be said that the real ‘hit’ on this album must be ‘Constant And Sharp’ which is honoring its title like a fresh razor blade that just keeps on cutting in a way that no skin is left behind. It’s drastic and brutal, cutting all the way to the bones and might even engrave a nasty drawing into them. It’s one of these hits that punches you forever until a certain knock out lifts it into the number one spot of a hit-parade.


painted tape with printed label and top hits!

But then there is more, a track that has actually ‘hit’ in its title. ‘Kick Druum, Hit Single’ is the name and is not unexpectedly filled with indeed a kick. Around this kick there is a noisy sound sculpture buzzing its way like a strange beast with Parkinson disease. It shakes while it produces it’s sounds, a bit like a nagging cry without words.

Cut Bait is the more favorite one among both terrified ears that had to hear it, to describe what they had heard. It is as if a gate is opened and a portal of Hell is exposed in which strange noisy creatures are squeezing themselves out like high pressure air leaving electrified balloons and tortured bagpipe players that have their blowpipes deeply inserted into their backsides. It’s painful for them, but sound wise it is for us something we should be grateful about.

‘When U Apply Urself’ feels like being overrun by a tank and being deeply pressed into a deep layer of thick cold snow. It’s very cold, and yet it has something nice and muffled; ears full of icy snow and simply being filled up until no sound can drip through; we all turn into our own version of Frosty the snowman.

Lazy Drone 1XCQT is one track that doesn’t feel that lazy for a drone. It actually has a nice energy to it, slowly droning itself away until it gets louder or fuller, a bit sharper. It’s no sleepy thing, but more a travel to

Dyslexic Narcissist Is Playing Do’ must be my personal favorite on this album, I can’t say exactly why, but I guess it took my mind somewhere. It is a well-directed industrial work, smooth, rhythmic, hypnotic and almost creating some absent-minded ambient atmosphere. When it was finished I felt like my mind had switched off and than was suddenly awakened again. Like a reboot…

Filtered Sequence Wave is a very long progressional track in which it feels like listening to steel in gas-form, junk noises and then suddenly being trembled over by a torturous bully who shoves both middle fingers up our ears while doing some wacky dance. It all will end up as how it had begun; if you didn’t have a heart attack somewhere in the middle of it all that is…

Wavesofwavesofwaves is the last track and has a bit of silly vibe; a groovy rhythm in friendly noise form meets with mellow ambient-windy-weather-synth-noise before cracking the brainwaves for the very last time. It’s the flag on the pie, really.

I have no idea what this album is about, but I do feel it’s endless and full of endless chasm! You can tune in over at the following link:

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