The mysterious YouTube uploader that goes by the name of EroticUser69 has three videos online. They have been there for years, but for some reason my brain thought they would one day disappear, being flagged or simply removed for copyright infringement or simply for delivering toe curling ‘erotic’ content… But as time goes by, the videos and user are untouched and unfazed by any trouble. Perhaps because the videos aren’t popping up on the main page of YouTube, and neither do they feature any Hollywood band to be googled up a lot.

But members of the secret society that always come together in order to discuss the downfall of commercial music, have googled these videos at least once a year, just to see if they had still been there and if somehow one (or all?) had gone viral, or perhaps to see if the EroticUser69 had uploaded a new one. But no, nothing has changed through these years and the videos had been stable. My curiosity to who was behind the name EroticUser69 had lead me to a research that had me every stone turned, until I had actually found the truth. EroticUser69 probably isn’t aware of me knowing who HE is (yes, people, surprisingly it is a HE) but still maybe one day we will go to this persons house with a team of reporters armed with cameras, microphones and notebooks and confront him.

Cause Oh lala… EroticUser69 does honor his name. Well he does, minus perhaps the 69 part, as that isn’t really viewable in these videos. I do suspect that EroticUser69 is able to somehow fold himself double in order to do some kind of sixty-niner with his own mouth and his own genitals. Oh geez, be grateful not to know who EroticUser69 is, as the image that just popped into my head was pretty puke-worthy.

To get back to the erotic content of EroticUser69’s channel, he has creatively attached three tracks by three different artists to these videos. The lucky (or unlucky?) artists are Swin Deorin, Pollux and Graffiti Mechanism: the three musketeers. The tracks are free to grab as they are released with the creative commence license through net labels. (I doubt the visuals are creative commence…) and they are pretty good and smooth in the electronica field.

Strangely somehow these videos by EroticUser69 seem to work with these tracks, although they also make the whole music into something I would never think to see when hearing these tracks separately. Perhaps it’s me being innocent or just EroticUser69 being an erotic user: incompatible brain wave visions! Yet, I found it pretty weird & in a way that intrigued me enough to write a whole essay about it. All done without ever mentioning the word ‘ass’ in it.

Out of discreetness I will refrain from saying who EroticUser69 is (it’s neither any of the artists involved, as well as all members of YIKS: our hands are clean!) but I do challenge and urge anyone who is in for a game, to setup your own research, ask around through social media to whoever you think it might be “Are you EroticUser69?”…. And see if you too will find the answer to this quest.

I can give you a few hints; strange break core, a collector of (literally!) everything and something with robot’… More I cannot say really…

(Somehow I imagine a lynch mob of actresses depicted in these videos, showing up at EroticUser69 his house ending his life for showing their asses without their permission. I hope for EroticUser69 that he will then be hopefully executed by suffocation through being smothered between butt-cheeks.)

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