Keywords: Power Noise / Noisescape / Electronica
Artist on the web:
Label: Sirona-Records

GIUSY L@ [DINGUE] is a French producer who knows how to combine noise and rhythm and how to shape them into atmospheric soundtracks that will blow your mind away. This free downloadable release is one of the great examples of this artist her abilities. It starts with the very grim sounding rhythmic ‘ANACHRONI[S]M’, it provides a hollow anger that feels Dark but also warm in its inner core. When it’s joined with a flickering rhythm of electronica it’s like lights being light up to follow to the nearest path of safety.

The safety comes in what seems like a wonderful world in which anarchy has finally brought people together in peace and harmony. Time to celebrate with the artist statement that cannot be clearer NO [AUTHORITARIANISM]. The music is warm, deep and perfect for dancing purposes. The track is fairly industrial and becomes more punk in its irresistible warm blooded groove. It is like being at a French underground club with like-minded people enjoying the state of togetherness.

Then GIUSY L@ [DINGUE] brings in the mysticism of Arabian nights with the atmospheric ALIBABA & LES 40 VOLEURS. It first lays out this theme in music form and when settled in she provides a wicked and loud rhythm to go berserk with. It isn’t uneasy to imagine people going bonkers at a underground rave or performance when this kicks and rolls in; it’s like warrior style music with dessert like cultural robberies! Perfect!

Last track on this release is EXOTIKO ROMAN[TIK] which is basically feeding our ears with more of the good stuff to take our feed on a improvised dance floor to do whacky things. It’s mainly beat orientated and as the name suggest has something exotic and romantic over it; i imagine electro punks affectionately dancing and perhaps some cheeky kisses under a stroboscope light with lots of smoke.

Download it here and listen often:

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