Jan Strach – Arena Zwariowanych Wrotkarzy Kręci Się W Koło

artist: Jan Strach
title: Arena Zwariowanych Wrotkarzy Kręci Się W Koło
keywords: casio punk, video, animation, drawing, electropop
label: Underpolen

Lots of new videos are available online, but only a few are really worth it. Petunia McPumpkin’s video for her veggie fest is one of them, but also this brand new one (only 2 views upon writing! You could be third!) By our favorite lo-fi speed Casio rocker Jan Strach!

This video is one of a true original kind! Do you know or remember that ‘where is Waldo game?’ In which you get a gigantic busy drawing and you have to find this person named Waldo somewhere in the mass? Jan Strach has something similar but instead of searching for Waldo and us playing the game; Jan Strach had used the gigantic puzzle picture from ‘”Find Frankie” by Anthony Tallarico’ in which he himself has to find the lyrics that suits his own made song!

Don’t think this is an easy game, as he had made it quite difficult with the lyrics all over the busy drawing & the actual tune being super speedy! But Jan Strach is next to an excellent music maker, drawer, animator, label owner, cult of personality & artist; he is also a game designer! So knowing this it’s a challenge that only someone seasoned as him self successfully plays like a professional!

He even manages to do some live notebook animations in there! It simply will wow you away & thanks to the energetic music it also gives that needed rush to get the things done! What are you waiting for; watch the game & let the super quick brain of the maker and player find you all the lyrics so you can sing along at home! Good fun for everybody!

You can download this tune from the following link:

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