Julia van der Piller – Cold Fire

artist: Julia van der Piller
title: Cold Fire
keywords: cold fire electronic hardcore intox noize julia van der piller minimal breakbeat intox056 techno trance Russia
label: Intox Noise

Midnight Call is Jullia van der Piller playing with the contrast of a playful way of telephoning and the introduction of sharp nastiness. You could hear that the midnight caller has a sense of humor, but the sharpness seems to prevail cause Julia has some acid for us to absorb.

It isn’t the happy we-love-everyone kind of acid that Julia provides as its nasty and sharp experience; like long fingernails poking the inner side of the ears. But don’t you worry too much about it, Julia van der Piller does this to make your ears wider just so she can fill it up with the madness that is a burst of insane techno!

This is cleverly named ‘Running In Nowhere’ and is as and on the edge like the mad hatters having their teacups full of cocktails made out of liquid speed and LSD. It’s a very good reason to run around like a headless chicken with a huge smile on your face!

When this party is finished Julia van der Piller has one last pounding hardcore techno punk ass kicker to kick your head in. This is a very hard remix of EugenKha’s Mechanic Sex track & damn couldn’t have had a better title than that! It sounds as loud and hard like an old school day at an industrial rave with your head almost Glued to the speaker that does its thing at the loudest volume! Julia van der Piller will hammer your head in a way that it probably will damage it more than a bunch of XTC: she gets the job done, that’s for sure!


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1 Response to Julia van der Piller – Cold Fire

  1. Alana says:

    I really enjoyed listening to this! Thanks!

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