Luna Arakawa – Ocean of tears called sky

Artist: Luna Arakawa
Title: Ocean of tears called sky
keywords: canadian diy experimental abstract avant-garde avantgarde brian eno canadian composer classical dark ambient experimental electronic feminism modern classical piano radiohead steve reich Toronto

Ocean of tears called sky is an emotional melodic playful work that sounds light in sound, yet feels heavy in the heart. It’s perfect to hear when in the mood for a tear, or a couple of them. Listening in the darkness with a dim light without distraction and blur your mind out in this work of melody and experimentation.

It comes seemingly in little pretty chapters with strange squeaky sounds in the middle, lifting up the mood for it not to become too heavy to carry upon the listeners’ shoulders. But when the last chapter arrives, the music gets vibrant in flow and somehow it also touches me in a emotion that sets indeed a action of tear-fall in action: Meaning that when the last note of this short work had left; I’ve turned into a watery mess with salty eyes and a bouncing heavy heart.

Maybe I’m unstable as a human being, or sensitive, or it’s just one of these days; but there is something to this track that triggers & unleashes this emotion. Lucky thing is that if someone sees me all teary eyed, I can just say that I’m sad because the music has finished. Hardly do people probably realize that you can play it again! It’s pretty!

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