sp3ct3rs – gather (ep)

Artist: sp3ct3rs
Title: gather (ep)
keywords: ambient apocalyptic brooklyn chelseahighline drone isolationism minimalist newyork parkslope Montréal

The gather EP by sp3ct3rs starts with a minimal drone work named ‘Longing’. It is best heard in an environment in which not all too many external noises and sounds are around, as the music feels like it thrives best in the illusion of silence. The sound is humble, like the background hum of a city that somehow seems to have gone to bed for a early night. The drone is deeper than the surface suggests, buzzing like a warm presence that feels like a sign of life.

The track ‘city’s decay’ is one to go down in the history books as one of these ones that are barely there, yet it is there. It’s like a touch of a warm hand stroking your face with a soft cloth; it almost feels like an act of kindness, As if the city is sick and the track is the action of care by a bewildered parent who doesn’t know anything else to do than wiping its face softly.

The last track sounds so very different; it’s almost coming like a shock… This one is named ‘departures’ and is also warm, calm, very minimal and sounds so much like a departure that it almost feels like listening to something that isn’t really there. As if it had already packed its bag & moved on, while we as listeners are left with the emptiness and more longing feels of the once brewing city. You can buy it over here:
or download it for free over here:

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