Arnooo – History Repeats Itself

Artist: Arnooo
Title: History Repeats Itself
Keywords: experimental psychedelic avant-garde Dordrecht

The sound of a snake sneaking its way into a holy side of American Native grounds in which historic things have had happened seems to appear in ‘Snakebite’. Somehow the snake moves us in a strange world of illusions, memories and spirits of the pasts. Strange noises, talking, odd whispers of probably long gone ancestors are making a comeback in a very deep and full soundscape in which it feels as two ears are too few to pick up all that is happening and to hear all the exciting sounds of the past into the future.

Lovely Machines is coming across like a true ritual, using and abusing electrified guitars as the hums and preaches of the local warrior doctor that knows how to call up the spirits. They seem to come in spheres of light, sliding out over the holy side while lucid played hand drum and those snarling guitars are dragging them out with mysterious tension & pleasure. You can hear them pull, like a bull plowing the land opening a strange spiritual world. We can hear them talk or sing, observe them do their thing as the music pulls them further and further into the nowadays. Water seems to flow as a result of this strange mind moving ritual; perfect for the farmers that had been troubled by drought.

Blues Underground is than introduced, and it seems to have to be taken as literally as possible: the sound of blues who had been so deep under the ground that they are now playing their sounds from the spiritual world. They sound a bit intoxicated and muffled (they might have good booze waiting in blues heaven; the blues booze!) but they certainly didn’t forget how to express themselves.

Then ‘Memory Gaps and Errors part i’ which is a lengthy soundscape in which we can hear the artist breathing heavily as if on a training exercise between so many strange sounds & flashbacks of remainders of sounds that it’s recommended to hear it a few times in order to look around and digest it all. This artist is a master of the anti-minimalist as even though you might think it slips in so nice and easy; his music is superbly packed and full with sound snippets, warmth and noises the artist takes us in for a bizarre ritualistic ride in which the ears and brain are triggered to the max. Is it a disturbing dream or a nightmare? I would say it’s a blessing to hear that such thing exist!

Even more so that this session simply continues with Memory Gaps and Errors part 2′ a soundscape that will simply wish that you had been a laboratory rat in order to be having more ears on your back just for hearing practices!

At the end of this album we all can enjoy a not typical ‘Obligatory Singer Songwriter Track’ which is basically a singer songwriter track coming from a place in which the singer songwriter probably doesn’t realize it had passed away long times ago. Like a singing songwriter from past the grave the last track waves us all goodbye to this intriguing album for the ears and mind.

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