Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin – Veggie Medley

artist: Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin
title: Veggie Medley
keywords: video, music, avantgarde, poetry, singing, songs, veggies, vegetable, puppets, psychedelic,
label: Phantom Electric

Eat your veggies’ says the kale-head, and when she says so you better eat.
Don’t ignore the veggies on your plate, they need to be eaten and digested in order to turn you into a vegetable too. Perfect to be shredded into a fine green paste produced by an alien race, munched upon by the ones who serenade ‘eat your veggies, please eat your veggies!’
Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin had worked for what feels like years in order to fulfill her task of bringing her entire ‘Fish Drive Edsels‘.album to life. The veggie medly is the latest and enormous last chapter to make this dream come true & as first impressions counts the most, I’ll type it loud and clear:


This is not just a normal video, this is not just a life work completed; this is something you must see and hear! It will terrify all vegetarians or please them (not sure!) but it’s utterly brilliant! Do not trust me, trust the ‘people’!
The video features of course Petunia-Liebling MacPumpkin, but also a whole new bunch of amazing friends! As Clair Furchick Pannell points out the impressive ‘dog’ whose name happens to be Halbert! (just so you know!)



These are specially designed & created puppets by a very talented puppet master named Jimmy L. Wright, who somehow made them more alive then some actual people that we know! It is probably done by turning real life humans into puppets through some kind of voodoo, (some nails and a bit of hair can do miracles!) and they will blow your mind away!
If you had always wondered what had happened to this Brian Peppers meme guy:
Than here is your answer:
In four exciting chapters the Veggie Medley unfolds and you probably wont believe your ears and eyes all the way through! Enjoy this amazing happening over here:

Eat your veggies, eat them now!!
oh and why not getting the complete album if you enjoyed what you have seen:

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