The Meow Meows – Young Blood

Artist: The Meow Meows
title: Young Blood
keywords: ska pop political demonstrator video animation
reviewer: Simon Hit

We have received a nice looking video animation clip for a song by a rather big band (from the UK) named The Meow Meows. The person who had send (and pressured!)it in for review was mentioning that The Meow Meows song was kind of political, probably against the Torries & are on tour spreading their word. I imagine them touring from free speech place to demonstration, but I certainly don’t hope so… I mean they make way to fancy dance material to become demonstrators with a sign and a banner in front of their parliament: They need to have their hands free to play their instruments & their mouths free to sing their own songs I guess..

Yeah I know politics sucks.. but is this really the place and the time?

although with a subtitle ‘The Unofficial Ska Anthem of Brexit 2016’ the song and demonstration thing is pretty much the same probably. Is this how to make the youth interested in politics again? Throw music at them, get them drunk and intoxicate them with ideas to save the country? Maybe The Meow Meows should become a political party themselves, with its diversity in members and counting 9 of them; it might just be enough to get some things done. Imagine them performing while governing the government while being actually on the ‘inside’ of the game. Who can resist or even argue against the sound of a trumpet? pep pep pep!

Funny thing is that even though we foreigners (none UK-peoples) all hear things about the UK disastrous referendum on stepping out of Europe and that it probably has consequences for Europeans living in the UK and UK-people living in European countries; I doubt that many foreigners outside the UK know what or who these Torries are? I have no clue other than that politics and politicians suck. And not like a pleasant suck, more like a hoover who chocked on a piece of carpet and now doesn’t suck so well… You have to open the whole Hoover up and vacuum clean the thing until it will have enough power to suck better again. If it was a suck done by a toothless granny it would have been much better!

So with this stupidity of not knowing a lot (or caring) about UK’s politics, with its lords, fancy wigs, high tea brunch parties, knighted pedophiles, pig fuckers, photo-ops and lying liars, it’s a bit difficult to listen, hear or even judge a politic motivated ska tune dressed in a cool video animation.

You can’t blame me; if we knew all political parties or systems in all other countries in the world, our heads would explode and our hair would die out in order to look like the ones that live a life on Donald Drumpf’s head. Every body in the world knows Dumpf.. But Torries? Is it some kind of incest family whose members are born in a business costume? Some vikings who destroy the world with secret sacrifices to their lord Thor of the thunder? Virgin blood people! Lizards and virgin blood!

But yeah, politics… It sucks and yet feel we couldn’t really care less. It’s all bullshit, especially if you have a group of well-off rich twats that are not democratically chosen by the public, deciding what will happen and what not, simply because they had been privileged to be born with a golden spoon in their assholes. I know, I know it is painful! Yet, its not only them who suffer! Some people do not have a spoon at all!

Besides is this track really political, or is it more how it is presented?
That said, can anyone tell if Luxembourg has political parties? And who are the ones in control in Greenland?

So yeah all political nonsense aside, the video is pretty neat. The drawings introduce basically the entire group of The Meow Meows members by name, but also show their facial features as animated cartoon version of themselves. It’s like The Gorillas but than they are probably real life people depicted as cartoons. The ska-like music is nice too and oh… Oh!! almost forget that it appears to be related to the whole Brexit thing!

<insert another rant here>

So no, we don’t go there.

Here is the video if you are still interested:

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