henry j walmsley – lovely cup of tea

Artist: henry j walmsley
title: lovely cup of tea
keywords: tea, lovely, cups, comedy, singer songwriter, video, totally shit

English Tea time, the only good thing that had been left from the opium trade. Man and woman, from all layers of society take time of in Britain to drink their lovely cups of tea. Knowing them, they probably add a firm flow of milk in it, however others perhaps like their tea already as it is.

Other places in the world they have cigarette breaks & coffee times, making the English Tea times a typical thing. These Tea times have of course spread among other countries, just as the English people and their language had done, but still it’s a thing solidly glued to their culture of trade and taking time off for themselves.

With a lovely cup of tea, conversations just go more smoothly, families unite while sharing the contents of their tea pots in little (or big) tea cups. Tea will go well with a lovely biscuit, or simply another cup of tea. Drinking enough cups of tea is food for the bladder, helping people manufacture pee that flows out nicely.

henry j walmsley had made a tea tune that goes so very well together with that time of tea drinking. It makes the taste of the lovely cups of tea a little bit more vibrant, fresh, warm, and cozy & somehow English. Because the song and music is so amazing, your writer (hello, it is me!) had once upon a time the idea to bring this song to life through visuals. This person (whose initials you can find at the bottom of this writing) had so much cups of tea inside of him that he had become slightly intoxicated.

Intoxication of lovely cups of tea plus the wonderful tea tune by henry j walmsley playing on repeat had resulted in the filming in the upcoming embedded video. It is a good reminder that however tea is lovely, it is recommended not too overdo the lovely tea session as you might end up doing this:


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