Miss Cutter – Four​-​dimensional dance floor

Artist: Miss Cutter
title: Four-dimensional dance floor
keywords: 8bit acoustic experimental glich industrial lo-fi outsider Buenos Aires

Miss Cutter throws in some excellent awesomeness; thick dark matter in rhythmic form, growling synth material that goes under the skin and makes the whole body tremble. This is not for nothing called ”Silence lads, the dark matter is talking’ and if this silence isn’t claimed it might possible that this track will turn against you in the long run! Trust me, better be silent and play this out loud as it will provide a certain angry energy that you better have with you then turned against you!

The release than becomes more focused on delivering a dark but warm melodic atmosphere, something that feels like it would for a black and white depiction of a old gothic house on an abandoned hill; probably haunted by a god spirit who gladly delivers a ‘Moment of inertia’.

Miss Cutter than gets back to the beat and especially on the kicks, crashes and closed high hats. With ‘Lost and confused in the rave’ we are delivered a dark short energy that prettily does its title justice.
Because this moment is rather short it is good to notice that the next track ‘Tranquility’ fits the previous one like a hand in a fitting glove. Here the distorted beat and buzzing bass with the crashes come again for a firm amount of energy.

As if Miss Cutter could read our brains who are loving that fat bass, she gladly delivers it even fattier in a solo synth bass performance that is so nice and wobbly that there could be no other choice than to have a cat in to its description. And indeed it is called ‘Electronic Alien cats are the only true order’ which is a name as perfect as the buzzing purr of a happy fat cat!

Last but not least is the unexpected chip tune track that feels like snotty extraction from the human body, squeezed out through an electronic noise and caught with a chirpy tissue. It’s short, different and gives is enough to want to hear more of Miss Cutter in the nearby future!

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