Those Lone Vamps – “In Cryptic Regions” (a brief and temporary glide over…)

Artist: Those Lone Vamps
Title: “In Cryptic Regions” (a brief and temporary glide over…)
Keywords: alternative gospel minimal new wave Udine
reviewer: Your Uncle

Normally name dropping is a bit of a no go. We can do it… Let me proof it to you, here we go ‘John, Claire, Adam, Patricia, Steve, Eduardo, Stephany’ …but name dropping in a review is a bit lame. Yet, I would like to drop a name for this special occasion. The name is ….


Wait for it…


Here comes the drop….


“Ramses Shaffy”

Why the name drop, you might ask yourself? You never drop names, right? Yes, but this name drop feels just right as the music that I’m supposedly should discuss in this post reminds me of Ramses Shaffy. I’m not going to explain who he was, as that’s uncle Google job; but this album reminded me of him. Not just him in the lime light or in the middle of his life; it reminded me of Ramses Shaffy at his last stage. Not on stage, but his last stage in life.

I suppose Ramses had a love for drinks (and that’s no lemonade) & he ended up with Korsakov disease. From what I had heard he lived in a nursery and would drive around in a wheelchair. I believe I’ve known a nurse who worked there who once explained that Ramses Shaffy would have bottles of booze in his wheelchair, which (true or not) was in my mind a satisfying picture.. True rock and roll in the nursery, and he went out while doing what he enjoyed… Anyway, this release over here by Those Lone Vamps reminded me of Ramses Shaffy in the elderly home, drinking the bottles from his wheelchair and singing songs.

It feels like he faded into the background a bit, out of the public eye of publicity, yet has enough personality to get the people’s imagination in the nursery home and us creative heads running like a hamster in a hamster-wheel. Yes, background music for sure, but still… Imagine this place with old singers with Korsakov wheeling around in wheelchairs armed with bottles of booze for their own consumption; that’s a bit like how I feel this album should be heard. Check it out over here:

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