Команданто Чё / Vlad Shegal – Пол-литра бабушкиных сказок (Split) (2016)

Artists: Команданто Чё / Vlad Shegal
title: Пол-литра бабушкиных сказок (Split) (2016)
keywords: Sputnik Records, SputnikRecords, Sputnik, Records, [SR0xx], SPUTNIKRECORDS0xx, Vlad Shegal, VladShegal, Команданто Чё, punk, garage rock, lo-fi, post punk, punk music, music, idiots, fools, garage, rock, acoustic, unprofessional, experimental, avant-garde, folk, ballad, blues, soul, naive, depression, unprofessionalism, rock, dark, indie, lofi, low-fi, lowfi, metal, Bard, acoustic guitar songs, acoustic rock, songsacoustic, Post-Hardcore, Deathcore, Metalcore, Hardcore, alternative, grunge, pacifism,
label: Sputnik Records

For non-Russian speakers it will probably be a huge puzzle to find out what the songs presented on this split between Команданто Чё and Vlad Shegal are all about. I, of course, can understand every word but not going tell you the meanings if these songs cause sometimes it’s nice to say ‘fuck English and learn Russian!’. It took me years, but it certainly helps in me telling you that these songs are good! So well written, so poetic and passionate.. Really, I truly believe it’s a reason to go and learn the Russian language just to hear this split in all its might and glory.

The two artists involved in this split are very good in balance with each-other, they both have this warm similar vocal sound that it at times makes me think if there might be a chance if they are actually twin brothers. Команданто Чё plays the guitar and sings in a one on one lo-fi environment, creating a cozy and intimate atmosphere. And Vlad Shegal also has brought in similar instruments to do its thing, but does sound more varied in how he is rocking out here. Less campfire, more rock n roll. Or perhaps more rocks rolled on top of a campfire! All in all it’s clear that these two are equals, and that the Russian language is not only for tough sounds, but also just as romantic and warm as that what the media always pretend that the French language consists off. You can hear it with your own ears over here if you’d like:

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