Confessor – The Grey Shapes

Artist: Confessor
keywords: ambient, stuff, I’m, not, ripping, the, tags, off, of, any, description, for, this, one
reviewer: Caffeinate

Dear Readers and potential submitters. I was browsing through the backlog of YIKIS and came across a message that had not been answered. I decided to look into it. This artist, Confessor, asked if we could check out their music. This is great, this is fine. Request away! HOWEVER, PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLEY (SWISS CHEESE, I DON’T LIKE SWISS CHEESE THAT MUCH. I REALLY LOVE MOST CHEESES BUT SWISS IS NOT ONE OF THE MOST. IF YOU MUST KNOW I PREFER PROVOLONE. I DID HAVE SOME REALLY AMAZING CHEESES AT THIS RESTAURANT ONE TIME BUT I NEVER GOT THE NAMES OF THEM. I AM SURE THEY ARE EXPENSIVE THOUGH) send a link when you request someone to check it out! Why would you hold your own music hostage if you are trying to share it? I do this, and specifically in this case, call it out because I LOVE YOU ALL, and I am trying to help you! HELP ME HELP YOU BY SENDING IN A LINK! I mean, it at the very least will probably make us notice it a bit more.

Alright, onto the review.

Ok, so I’m sorry. Normally, I try to like keep communications private and such, but when I see something I gots ta say something. This person also mentioned that they weren’t famous. So, here I go, down the slope and what do I see? 149 followers! HOLY CRAP. I have like 60. You got a clear 90 ahead of me man. I mean yeah, is it like, mainstream EDM artist famous? Fuck no, but clearly you reach more people than me. Anyways, I’ll try and not be snippy for the rest of this review. Oh, it didn’t even start. Woops.

Alright. So I mean, there are some pads, and some piano and some distortion. Some sort of filter to make it seem old and grainy. HEY IT’S SOME RUN OF THE MILL DARK AMBIENT! I don’t mind dark ambient. It can be great. I mean hell, look at the likes of Sashash Ulz and my personal favorite Occurrences in Rain. Now…this type of thing runs into something similar as my complete and utter fanaticism for Queens of the Stone Age. I have found my dark ambient idol(s). So sadly, when I see something in a similar genre and I guess you would unfortunately have to say average release, well…I am going to be honest and probably unfair. These are the breaks unfortunately.

So, what have we learned? Caffeinate can be a dick sometimes, if not all the time, and this is some general stuff. Listenable to be sure, but if you are well versed in the arena of dark ambient/ambiance type stuff, this is probably something you could skip.

{So, this is an edit, turns out this was a private link because they just wanted us to listen to it? Not sure but whatevs link taken down for now}

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