How I met Lauren – Mir


Artist: How I met Lauren
Title: Mir
keywords: experimental, ambient, dark ambient, noise, post-everything, Germany
reviewer: Caffeinate

Hello, one and all! We are back at it again with some minimal ambient!

This is a single track! This is a free track! So far so good, as we plunge into the past with Mir!
I had forgotten about Mir, didn’t really have all that much of a reason to think about it lately, but hey space exploration is cool. (In unrelated news, I have just found out that shift + enter removes the double-enter that happen when just pressing enter HUZZAH!)

It beings, almost as if there is some electronic orchestra getting into tune, and that sets the tone for a good chunk of this track, then we get into some crazy blips and neat pads and before you know it is at an end!

Wow, Caffeinate, you didn’t even try! Poppycock I say! With ambient works, it is DEFINITELY in ones best interest to experience it for themselves, and I could say all I want about the nuances, etc. that this track provides but that wouldn’t make you experience it, would it? I will say that as long as one keeps a mindset of hey, I’m a lone cosmonaut, one of the last people on this doomed space station, it really reflects that mood and tone and calls up all sorts of awesome visuals on that end. I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be up in space for any amount of time really, and I feel this helped me get a better insight potentially into that. However, your experience may vary!

Anywho, check out the track below!


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