Julia van der Piller – Sound Perversions

artist: Julia van der Piller
title: Sound Perversions
keywords: abstract electronic experimental julia van der piller minimal sound perversions breakbeat intoxnoize noize008 techno trance Russia
label: Intox Noise

Sound Perversions (released in 2009 and still perverse all these years later!) by Julia van der Piller is one of these releases that exactly gives what the title suggests. The good thing is that the collection of sound perversions is to the point, never over-indulging too much into these sounds that you could refrain from feeling like a sound pervert.

It starts with the sounds of startups, a funny moment that sounds like plastic trumpets are trumpeting to welcome us in the secret sound collection of perversion. Then the sound of green being murdered by a merciless chainsaw, Or so it seems.. Perhaps it’s a land mower cutting the innocent pieces of grass their heads off.. A true sound perversion for sure!

Then Julia can der Piller simply goes full into her sound perversion by providing a track with electronic experimental material that provides electronic sounds in speedy forms, chopped up, placed in certain ways that it’s not a surprise to pick up the excitement of a true admirer of special sound perversion.

We sound perverts of course all have different sounds that we like and feel perversion for. Personally I’m with Julia van der Pillar’s sound perversion of books, me too had record them, played with the pages and a microphone, added them in music software to enjoy the detailed sound structures. And here on this collection I’m delighted to hear that Julia van der Piller also showcased her love for the sound of the books… I’m in sound perversion’s heaven!

This will only grow as the artist throws in a finale showcase of sounds structured in a way that will make every sound pervert perverting all over them. A collection of interesting sounds, electric and fun, energetic and mutilated! They are all waiting for you at the following link:

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