Julianna Barwick – Matrimony Remixes

Artist: Julianna Barwick
Title: Matrimony Remixes
keywords: alias pail ambient diplo indie remix Brooklyn
artist website: http://www.juliannabarwick.com/
reviewer: Willem van O.

Julianna Barwick brings a very friendly, slow case of fantasy based music with ‘Vow’. It is material you should look deeper into than just scratching the surface as when you go all the way in you will hear fragile but important melodies deeply hidden in the mix. This kind of hidden secrets in this track works as you will be automatically drawn into the depth and then suddenly be surrounded by this friendly paradise of wordless vocal and sweet melodic material that is as light as the actual meaning of light.

Diplo & Lunice are big time producers who have something in common, they both have met the legendary pop icon Madonna and worked with or for her. Diplo seems like a really nice guy, Lunice might probably be too although it is horrible to say but he bumped terribly as a pre-act for Madonna in Paris. The audience looked bored out of their skull and the only one dancing in the filled football stadium seemed to be Lunice himself. People asked what he was doing, as he was doing hand signs all over the place.. Was it a heart? No, no one of the Madonna fans with better eyes replayed; you know the triangle sign! Illuminate! Anyway, Lunice was perhaps just not the right deejay to entertain a pumped up crowd of madonna fans as it was all a bit grim.

And ‘Vow’ remixes by Diplo & Lunice actually reminded me of how grim it was, as they had made the light of Vow a bit more dimmed. It is weird though as even though this remix had added a beat to the song, it feels like it is making the brightness of the original less energetic. I guess it’s about taste and what a person likes and dislikes.

Much more up and loving is the Vow remix by Helado Negro who quickly sheds off the down-vibe with eclectic antics, a world-music vibe, adventurous sound, and even gave it prettily sung words. It all sounds so warm and happy, like a glow of love dancing on the top of the hill on a blue sky day & it feels so good!

Julianna Barwick’s Prizewinning is one that brings this super warm moving baseline and her vocals as pretty instruments to create a layer by layer dream in which you can easily dream away in. The adding of the nice drum is a sweet surprise as well as the moment that the music begins to prevail with the adding of a pretty sentimental and sweet sounding string. I love how this is build up, you can just imagine this artist being able to create this soundscape live on stage, hypnotizing the place with more light in music form.

Prizewinning (Alias Pail remix) is a pretty fun gift of a remixed version of the already pretty track. It adds a nice swing towards it with fanatic sounding drums, nice cut n paste playfulness; it is pretty exciting, original and fun! It is here that it’s easy to stand up and go for that national appreciation dance! If you don’t know it; it’s a dance performed when the body goes on automatic pilot and moves because it simply can’t stop loving what it is receiving through the ears! Such a nice remix, severely recommended!

At last there is the ‘Prizewinning (Prince Rama remix)’ which is another huge bonus surprise on this release. It sounds very inspiring, like a group of elevated and free personalities have found freedom in Prizewinning and decided to give it back in the shape of a overwhelming new version of this track. It’s like being hit with sunshine and power through natural elements produced by human beings.. Positivity and fun is a good thing, that’s for sure!

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