Consume and Expire / Sexy Crocodile For Dinner & Diva_Caramella – White Bear / Silenzio Imbarazzante

Artists: Consume and Expire / Sexy Crocodile For Dinner & Diva_Caramella
Title: White Bear / Silenzio Imbarazzante
Keywords: experimental ambient drone noise Augsburg
label: Attenuation Circuit
reviewer: Simon Hit

Let me confirm that ‘Consume and Expire’ is a project by people who know what they are doing with noise; they make it noisy and with the half an hour of White Bear you could consider yourself lucky if you had any ears left for the other fine music projects and their quality material on this lengthy release. White Bear is sounding like a massive forest fire, in a Groundhog Day way as it never seems to refrain from burning. Somehow I envision a firetruck also going up in these hot flames & somehow (thanks to the title) also a white bear.

So sad, as I love animals and don’t think there is anything in my hands being able to safe this bear. Maybe some other humans can? In the track there are some helpers I believe. You can hear them on their Walkie talkies while they fly around in noisy helicopters for their rescue attempts. It’s a hard struggle for these helpers to go I there and actually help as the more ‘White Bear’ moves along the harsher the vibe gets. Perhaps the helpers do manage to go in only to be met by a frightened and hungry bear who decides to attack the helicopter and all the other action heroes.

But don’t be sad as after this it’s time for Sexy Crocodile For Dinner & Diva_Caramella’s Silenzio Imbarazzante parte 1 & 2 and it’s pretty much the polar opposite of silence. I imagine being a neighbor of Sexy Crocodile For Dinner (probably a flamingo) and having to stick my head all the time under water to dilute these massive noise freak outs. It’s noise that is like a storm-creature, something that goes not for a happy picnic but more or less for a disastrous ski vacation that somehow will destroy the earth as we used to know it. It’s a illustrious flow down a winter hill with huge spikes in the ground that might cut every snowboarder, or skier who decided to go down.

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