Yogo Yolk – Yogo Yolk

Artist: Yogo Yolk
title: Yogo Yolk
keywords: bauhaus edm electronic experimental glasgow innovative scotland avant-garde disco female psychedelic triphop trippy weed weird

Yogo Yolk brings the juicy atmosphere of happy and groovy material, mixing the best things together for a lovable smile and a feel good vibe. Yogo Yolk gives me stress in how to describe these wonderful tracks without sounding cheesy, it is a lot of fun when things come together.

It is very positive and twinkly and is a good recommended lovable release to find and play as you realize that the whole world around you had gone nuts. Crawling into this release by Yogo Yolk for a happy shelter feels like the best thing a human being could do at times like this. If there are still unicorns out there with glitters full of magic, big chance you might come across them somewhere in this lovely Togo Yolk wonder land.

Everything has lightness to it, yet not too light that it flows away. Legs on the ground, yet not heavy to not be able to move and dance around in shiny circles. All the tracks are rhythmic, fresh and friendly making me a happy listener. And unless you enjoy being unhappy, I would love to invite you over here! It’s so sparkly, really! I mean this is the place in which we can be a quarking mad and be happy about it! Come on, this music is made for silly hats, huge smiles and colorful auras. Yogo Yolk even has the skill to make us brave listeners fly in holy bliss!

I don’t know how else I could convince you that this is good, so I just leave it up to your own imagination and decisions. The release is waiting for you and comes with a imaginable cooling down in the shape of a sweet strawberry milk. It has this taste of being under an umbrella while on a sunny beach; everything is okay, no stress, no social media, no media, just Yogo Yolk’s music is all that you need. And I think it’s clear that the positive vibe and message cannot be clearer in the drum n bass final tune ‘Be Excellent To Each Other’! An excellent album for everyone in search for some good news!

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3 Responses to Yogo Yolk – Yogo Yolk

  1. Definitely not Yogo or any of their associates. says:

    Yeah, I like the cut of that Yogo’ gib.

  2. Cha cha cha - check it out! says:

  3. NEW ALBUM!!!
    Cat On The Howling Moon Records

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