Swin Deorin – Moonflower EP

Artist: Swin Deorin
title:Moonflower EP
keywords: electronica
label: Sirona-Records http://www.sirona-records.com/

Swim Deorin knows how to impress in a short amount of time. The producer proofs this with the bright sounding ‘Aos Sí’ which seems vibrant in being crystal clear, yet clearly has so much more going on underneath its sound-surface. It’s in any way a most pleasant warm welcome, surprisingly (for the artist) it’s without beats, making it slide into the ears as if they are all well lubricated.

Then Swin Deorin is in! Within your own head he will provide the pleasant light weight chill beats and sweet mellowness. There are lovable strings in there making the whole track glow like some magical ear worm with little legs for sugary dancing moves. The more the tracks glows, the more you would wish that all music was this good.

Swin Deorin is certainly no swindler if it comes about quality electronic music. The Morded Tautha had the quality mark all underlined and highlighted, with a super electronic bass, deep synth pads and a pounding beat you’ll be in for a strange spicy but positive wiggle. If you enjoy what Swin Deorin is doing here, you will be pleased knowing that it’s a lengthy track that keeps on giving the materials that you’d love about it. If you don’t like it then ; ha! This free to download three-track release simply proofs again that Swin Deorin is a classy electronic artist & certainly no swindler!

You can hear and download this release for free at the following link:

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