Various Artists – B R A I N M E L T P R A Y E R

artists: Various Artists
title: B R A I N M E L T P R A Y E R
keywords: diy experimental acoustic folk punk electro folk-punk oustsider music satanic singer-songwriter singer-songwriter Kraków
label: Weakie Discs

The Poland based label Weakie Discs is one of these labels that is run by a human being with a heart and a taste. That’s a huge difference between the mayor labels that seem to work like corporations; business suits and meetings with coffee. The human spirit (even with its love for Satan!) is what makes this small label so great, you can hear and obtain a diverse amount of releases, from electronica to punk, metal to opera, ambient to… the sky is the limit, yet, it is all curated in a certain way that even though things are so diverse; they also fit together. (That’s where the ‘taste’ comes in…)

Most notable is that Weakie Discs loves ‘songs’. And I don’t mean, tunes or tracks; songs! With their compilations and singer songwriter related artists, it almost feels like Weakie Discs is the gatekeeper for a world full of troubadours and passionate souls that express themselves through words, voice and melody. Listening to this B R A I N M E L T P R A Y E R by Various solo Artists is as if the gates are open and we can wander through a superb collection of songs and it’s writing performers. And even though most of it will be sung in the Polish language (maybe some of us will not understand the meanings..), the passion and souls within these songs are a language that is universal. This is a must hear compilation if you are into songs, especially folky kind of songs.

It starts with ‘Me And My Two Horses’s Heartbeats Horror Horses’ which sounds like a theatrical performance of piano and voice in two chapters. First the pleasant introduction of the horses and then going a little bit crazy as the heartbeats of the horses are racing away from sanity. It feels a bit like this was perhaps needed to be open for all the other songs.

And it’s good to be able to have a open mind as Morktra sings a song about the ‘Local Church’. It’s as he sketches a scene from his memory, carefully corresponded through words and guitar strings. It comes across as melancholic, which reminds me; isn’t it funny that it rhythms with catholic and alcoholic?

If you are a frequent visitor you might have heard (and seen!) Convulsia Darklove performing the alternative hit ‘Pinch Of Disaster’. If you did then this is a perfect reminder how strong it is, and if it’s the first time; get ready to be blown away! Convulsia Darklove’s gives it all in this song, pure volume, meaning every word and it comes out not to pinch you but more to punch you! Convulsia Darklove’s voice is that powerful!

Lxnnnie inserts the smell of teen spirit, anger and rebellion with enough rock to get grungy. The music is banging, the song is very generation-X with a clear intention to make a lot of long hairs going up and down in the air!

Then the diversity kicks in with a nice sounding song by Stary Zgrzyt , I cant translate it for you as I’m stupid, but how it is presented sounds very no-nonsense. The singer songwriter plays on a acoustic guitar that sounds warm and fragile, while his voice adds a more sharper sounds to the warmth. I love how expressionistic the voice sounds, and so with minimal needs (and even with a potential language barrier!) intrigues and entertained to the very end.

More fuller in music form is the very nice sounding Dziki gon by Von Zachinsky. There is something very friendly and triumphal about it. It’s coming across as a happy victory folk song that will be sung and parades with through the streets to welcome the true folk heroes. Maybe it’s inside the tambourine, the rhythm, the melody or the strong but super warm sounding voice; but I feel it’s coming from a good place, a song for victory!

A very pretty sounding song / performance is Wiatr done by poj.wlkp. It sounds very special, a guitar in a pleasant realm with lots of depth, the singing voice is like an male angel; very pure and not afraid to show itself. There is also a very nice electric guitar singing like it is the extension of the vocalist… It all sounds very pretty if you’d ask me.

Then perhaps you will think; there can’t be possibly more, another song arrives on the scene. This one goes straight into the heart with nice special effects and mesmerizing singer songwriters performance. This is Try log Poszukującej Pt 2 – Kołysanka Wygłodniałej and is pretty special as the combination of elaborate singing and additional voices to decorate it is pretty much original. You got to hear it to know what I mean, really..

Another great expression is done by The Cap Gun Coalition who provides a jolly and happy sounding song named ‘Up & Away’ in the English language. It’s like wonky pop with mouth harp, expressive playfulness and brings a nice sunny vibe to the collection.

Although Bus Stop Knife is also coming across in a way that it is cute, his song ‘National Anthem 2.0’ also has something punk shining trough. There is no anarchy vibe in the sense of destroying things, but more a happy person who plays and does his thing either if it is sounding correct or not. To hell with the music establishment and just enjoy doing what you want! Hooray!

The last artist is called The Baker’s Son and the song he brings is ‘Time Marches’ which basically tells us that time is indeed marching on. When you have reached this point, you probably spent a good time hearing all these songs by all these solo artists on here. The Baker’s Son has a nice energetic flow with how he plays the guitar, his hands strum as if they are running effortless to the finish line. The voice of The Baker’s Son is also not unpleasant, he reminds me at times (in sound) of a happy Charles Manson… Someone who is free not only in the head, but also in this world…

You can hear & get all these songs at the following link:

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