title:†GHOST GIRL†
keywords: electronic, alternative, experimental, pop, electropop, video
reviewer: Ghost Writer

The latest video from Mismerizer comes with music; a better reason to call this a music video will not exist. The music is cool, featuring a nice baseline (I’m a sucker for good baselines) and also has the artist singing on top about being a ghost girl in a ghost world. I think it is pretty intriguing as it kind of does things with the imagination, it sets me thinking; what would I do if I happen to wake up one day and realize that I’m a ghost reviewer reviewing music by a ghost girl inside a ghost world? Probably things would be exactly the same, Mismerizer as the Ghost Girl would do her thing and I’ll probably write about it because (ghost or not!) my ears like what they are hearing.

The video itself sets to think too, as it is filmed from ghost-girl perspective while walking on a tropical looking location. Is this the place that they call ‘ghost world’? If it is, then you probably will agree that this ghost world isn’t so bad at all. It does look rather empty people-wise, just a few human beings are to be seen…But there is a friendly companionship of a goat and of course flashes of the ghost girl who is living in the ghost world… We see her flip flops walking around on the tropical looking ghost surface, and we can watch her hand reaching for the inside of a telephone booth. ‘Hello, from the other side..’

What makes it ghostly is probably the white thin veil of video effect & of course the actual music. Even though it is sounding poppy in an mesmerizing electropop way (bless that baseline!) there is something eerie or at least mystical about it. A little melody that gives it a bewitched feeling of indeed being alone in a ghostly world: A pretty vacation spot without any sign of tourists. In fact the more I think about it, don’t we all wish to be a ghost girl in such a ghost world? It might become a little bit more crowded but think about all the fun we could have! Swimming in the sea, writing mysterious things in the sand on the beach, emptying ghost-drinks and having a good time!

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