Grosgoroth – Me Siento Mejor

Artist: Grosgoroth
title: Me Siento Mejor
keywords: bits electronic gameboy madrid pop thrash world Spain
label: Chingaste La Confianza

Grosgoroth must be a name that would automatically make some people think ‘this must be gross’ but even though the music might bang your trash cans until they had fallen over; gross it is not! Maybe groß as in German for ‘big’ as yes, Grosgoroth sounds as big fun!

I mean throw lovable chip tunes in a blender, add the discussed trash, bring in some hints of Kraftwerk, a whole lot of friendliness from sunny Spain & a thunderbolt of lightning in mad energy and tell me that it doesn’t sound like big fun!

Grosgoroth doesn’t sound just like big fun, it also sounds like the material done for a great energetic party in which happiness is combined with smiles of yellow teeth and fingers inserted in electricity sockets. Hairs are up and hairs go down, robot suits are made out of carton and Me Siento Mejor beats the speedy feel good goofy punk madness together!

Lovers of chip tunes and trash pop will be delighted when smashing their heads like potatoes ready for the sledge hammer; Grosgoroth sings the ballads that are the pretty paracetamols to refrain from torturous headaches as this music might be good fun it is also loud and pretty active!

In fact this whole album will bring you tune on tune, rocking your brains out as if it’s a instant party with leather beachwear; it’s hot and sweaty; but sure looks and feels great! Talking about ‘looking’ Grosgoroth also has that covered with fanciful videos to pierce through the eyes like a true spectacle.

The above embedded ‘Voy a mil’ is such a clever looking one, cheekily throwing itself at you like a drawing done in paint but then with lots of benefits. It follows this little space figure in a spacey costume that runs around and flys about like a true professional. All prettily super glued to the beat, lyrics and all what is left over from the happy uplifting pop rock bleep sound!

Also the video for Canción superpositiva is proofing that Grosgoroth has always got its middle finger ready, yet knows when not to pull it! The video is a Valhalla of animated cartoon characters all walking around in the real world, from wizards to the hero of ‘the scream’, Grosgoroth brings everyone together for a colorful spectacle!

You can get this album over at the following link:

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1 Response to Grosgoroth – Me Siento Mejor

  1. linda says:

    Oh yes, keeping up the tempo pretty well! Hack ‘n slashing through the afternoon!

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